Social media and medical information

Hi there! I hope you had a good time this week.

In the week while we looked at the matter of medicine based on evidence, we were left with an activity on the social networks and their way of disseminating correct medical information.

A social network is a structure formed in the internet age that has allowed different users to communicate quickly and efficiently through a platform.

The most common case is Facebook, but now I ask you, of so many pages on this network, which one will disseminate medical data with a true scientific basis? A good question, many times we share information that we do not even know about the credibility of its origin, there are many health professionals who have been trained as content creators and I support them since they are helping with a topic that is public health by publishing evidence-based medicine, all with a support that gives a security to the society that is informs and promotes the truth.

Do not continue to share information that is not correct or that may cause health problems for other people. Be careful with those natural remedies, or with those recipes that the comadre of your friend’s neighbor gives you, better always go to the appropriate health professional for proper care.

Use social media for something positive and to support society in general.

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Many times they believe that doctors are wrong for not believing in magic remedies, but believe me we studied a long time to understand the disease and how medicines are manufactured and work, with the search to improve your quality of life, do not be fooled anymore.

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