Sinaloa lacks women in strategic political positions

Sinaloa.- Mexico has had recent advances in the incorporation of women to public office. This progress has also been seen in Sinaloa, where women have gained spaces in the Chamber of Deputies and Senators, but also in some mayors of the Sinaloa municipalities, however, for experts such as Ana Luz Ruelas Monjardín and Teresa Guerra Ochoa, both prominent lawyers in Sinaloa and analysts of the political environment, who commented that still lack women in positions of political importancea in the state and, from their perspectives, it is also necessary for women in power to speak out for their fellow men, whom they represent.

Women are lacking in power

In recent elections, women have been gaining spaces in public positions, lawyer Ana Luz Ruelas told Debate, namely, for example, there are already six new mayors in the state in six municipalities of Sinaloa, however, according to The political analyst, these selections, although they are a triumph for women, have occurred in municipalities that have little political relevance, “we still do not have municipal presidents in the three most important municipalities in the state: Culiacán, Mazatlán and Ahome”, she highlighted Ruelas, who also considers that the gender quota in relevant political positions has been regrettable in recent years in the state of Sinaloa.

For her part, Teresa Guerra Ochoa highlighted in an interview that it is true that there are more and more women accessing political positions in the state, but, from her perspective, there are still territories to be won in the state.

No important positions

Regarding the incorporation of women in strategic positions, Ana Luz stressed that it has not been a priority for state governments to do so. “In the case of the Government of Quirino Ordaz, the gender quota for first-level positions is regrettable,” he said, making a call to the current governor-elect, Rubén Rocha Moya, whom he considered very sensitive on gender issues, since there are more women in charge of State Secretariats with relevance within the public power.

From his point of view, this occurs because the current rulers and political parties come to include women in positions only to fulfill, from the outset, a gender quota, “but over the months or years, they replace them. This is what happened in the Government of Quirino Ordaz, where Martha Robles (Secretary of Sustainable Development) was replaced ”, he declared.

Once in power, use it to your advantage

According to Ana Luz Ruelas, although there are problems within governments to incorporate women into public positions, it is women who must demand the spaces and demand, in addition, respect for the women who occupy them, ” we women are also the ones who still do not have the ability to demand, to criticize, to raise our voices, so that we are taken into account in the positions where they really have command ”, she commented.

Another aspect of the problem faced by women in power was taken into account by Tere Guerra, who highlighted that, although there have been political advances on gender issues, “it is necessary to translate parity in politics into significant achievements to reduce gender violence. , labor inequality, discrimination at work, economic lag ”.

Since women in Mexico and Sinaloa still do not access in the same proportion as men, and, in the case of the private sector, directive and managerial positions almost always correspond to men.

On the other hand, Ochoa observes that the economic and labor empowerment of women is a pending task. Teresa also considered that in the case of women who have public positions, they have to correspond to women who do not have them, and they have to govern for their benefit, because many women, when they come to power, forget them. women who represent and omit to govern for the benefit of women who do not have popular representation, and help reduce job discrimination, unemployment, poverty and domestic violence from their position.

Women in Secretariats and coordinated entities

During the government of Quirino Ordaz, the following women have been in charge of Secretaries and coordinated entities:

  • Lic. Elisa Montaño Peña

Technical Secretary of the State Population Council

Executive Secretary of the State Council for the Prevention and Attention of Family Violence

  • Maria Guadalupe Yan Rubio

Secretary of Transparency and Accountability

  • Rosa Isabel Mendoza Camacho

Secretary of Sustainable Development

Private secretary

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