Sinaloa, “gabinateables” and “borregazos”

As if more noise was needed! Voices within the State Secretariat of Health released the possibility of ratification by the holder Efrén Encinas, it is unimaginable that it would continue in the next administration, we definitely see it very far from reality, but it is better not to rule out anything.

There are two versions, the first is that Efrén Encinas has his political roots in the Issste where the governor-elect Rubén Rocha and two other Sinaloans, Alfredo Villegas and Florentino Castro, have also been, who would be promoting and supporting the current Secretary of Health to to repeat.

The second, it looks more complicated because they say that it would be ratified only for a time due to the issue of the pandemic and because it is already deeply involved in that dynamic. It does seem like a kindergarten story. The remarkable thing is that these versions come from characters inside the Secretary of Health.

Sincerely, Efrén Encinas has been left to owe to the Sinaloans and to Governor Quirino Ordaz himself, it seems impossible that it would be ratified, in a remote case it would be a huge mistake. This type of “sheep” has taken hold as the date comes for the state cabinet to be uncovered.

So far, the possible candidates for the Ministry of Health with real possibilities are the leader of the PAS, Héctor Melesio Cuen Ojeda, Dr. Julio Quintero, who heads the white network that supported Rocha in the campaign, as well as Dr. Estela Robledo, who runs the Pediatric Hospital.

By the way, Dr. Estela Robledo has lately been very close to the governor-elect, Rubén Rocha, and even to President López Obrador. It also sounds like there is a hidden letter and it would be another woman. There is less to know about the cabinet, although we believe they could postpone the announcement for a longer time, in the end there is no rush. So very attentive.

Outstanding. Speaking of the elected governor, Rubén Rocha Moya, yesterday he attended the protest of Alfonso Durazo as governor of Sonora. We know that it is a state that greatly appreciates the future Sinaloa president, from the outset, he wished him success and said that he began the transformation of the neighboring state.

It was a very representative event with political figures from Morena and other parties such as the one who will be mayor of Monterrey, Luis Donaldo Colosio Riojas, who also has his roots in Sonora. In fact, it shows that they have closeness and friendship, because it gave him a good message of support.

There is no doubt, Alfonso Durazo arrives with good support inside and outside his party, there are good expectations. It is likely that the same will happen in the protest of Rubén Rocha Moya on November 1, when figures such as Mario Delgado, Ignacio Mier, Ricardo Monreal and even Marcelo Ebrad, among others, are expected to attend.

Agenda. The Senate of the Republic unanimously approved the draft decree of the Federal Law of Political Trial and Declaration of Provenance. So the next step is that it returns to the Chamber of Deputies to be discussed and, where appropriate, approved.

The great discussion that kept the approval of this draft decree blocked was to eliminate the power of the Chamber of Deputies to impose its criteria in the violations of governors, which did not happen and the Congresses of the states will continue with this attribution. Let us remember the recent case of the governor of Tamaulipas. So things.

Political Memory. “The end justifies the means”: Nicolás Machiavelli.

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