Sinaloa and Nayarit: the betrayal of the PRI and PAN!

We said that, in the June 2021 elections, to renew 15 state governments and the Chamber of Deputies, the role of organized crime would be decisive.

We said that criminal gangs such as El Chapo would vote in favor of Morena and we said that not a few governments of the PRI and the PAN would give in to the alliance of the Government of López Obrador and Morena, with crime barons.

And what do they think?

That in recent days President Obrador himself confirmed everything we said in the Political Itinerary of October 12, 2020, entitled: “Organized crime will do fraud in 2021!”

But we go in parts.

Surprisingly, last weekend, López announced that the outgoing governor of Sinaloa, with a PRI affiliation, Quirino Ordaz, would be proposed as Mexico’s ambassador to Spain.

It is worth remembering that in Sinaloa the government was left in the hands of the Morena party and that the new government will be a narco-government headed by Rubén Rocha Moya, a friend of AMLO and the Sinaloa Cartel.

And why would Rocha Moya in Sinaloa be a narco-government, at the service of Chapo?

Because in Sinaloa everyone saw that in the June 6 election, the structure of the Sinaloa Cartel moved the vote in favor of Morena.

The curious thing is that the state government, in the hands of Quirino Ordaz, not only concealed the fraud and the handover of state power to the Chapo Cartel – President Obrador’s consented criminal group – but also betrayed the PRI.

But it should not be forgotten that Quirino Ordaz was a key player in the liberation of Ovidio Guzmán, El Chapito, in addition to operating the greeting of the president to the mother of El Chapo and coordinating the repeated presidential visits to Badiraguato, the center of operations of El Chapo.

For this reason, for his services to Chapo and the president, Quirino Ordaz was awarded with the Mexican embassy in Spain.

And also for this reason the award from the Government of Sonora for Alfonso Durazo –responsible for the operation to free Chapito–, where another narco-government was established, whose owner took office yesterday.

For all this, it is necessary to ask: Will Spanish diplomacy accept an ambassador alleged partner of organized crime, such as Quirino Ordaz?

But the Quirino award was only the beginning.

In another of his recurring visits to Nayarit, Obrador also announced that the outgoing governor of that entity, the PAN member Antonio Echavarría García, would be called to the cabinet.

Another award for the handover of state power to organized crime; another betrayal of the party of origin, in this case such a PAN; another subject of the Palace?

Everything indicates that the answer to the previous question is yes.

And the thing is that the award to the PAN Echavarría is – as in Sinaloa and Sonora – the payment to a governor who not only overlapped the fraud committed by criminal gangs in his entity, but also helped the arrival of a Morena narco-government, in the hands of Miguel Ángel Navarro Quintero.

And if you doubt that López Obrador is behind the arrival of the narco-governments, it is worth remembering that the Palace rewards the handover of power to organized crime in states such as Sinaloa, Nayarit, Sonora, Baja California sur and Zacatecas –among others–, while AMLO persecutes governors who denounced criminal interference in the elections of June 6.

We refer, as you know, to Silvano Aureoles and Francisco Cabeza de Vaca, governors of Michoacán and Tamaulipas, respectively.

The two leaders refused to conceal the delivery of state power from their respective entities to the criminal cartels.

But it was not all, since they dared to publicly denounce inside and outside the country and even warned about the risk of a narco-state.

And it is that for no one it is news that before, during and after the June 6 elections, the hand of crime was always present.

For example, in the months leading up to June 6, there were more than 600 criminal attacks linked to the election and the candidates and candidates for popularly elected positions killed – at the hands of crime – numbered almost 90.

In short, that of June 6 was the most violent election in history, with the largest participation of criminal gangs and, above all, with a clear criminal inclination in favor of the official party.

In the end, Obrador himself recognizes what we denounced here almost a year ago; that organized crime did the fraud in June 2021.

And he recognized it by rewarding governors who overlapped the handover of state power to the president’s criminal friends.

But if you still doubt it, here is an extract from the Itinerary of that October 12, 2020, entitled: “Organized crime will make fraud in 2021!”

“Eight months before the 2021 electoral contest, it is foreseeable that the election will result in which, with the greatest intensity, organized crime participates.

“And the fact is that today criminal gangs are already a public part of national life; owners of state and municipal governments; of positions of popular election in the local congresses and in the Congress of the Union, and they are even friends of the president and his office secretaries, who “let them work at ease” and release them when they are captured.

“The emblematic case is that of Chapito, Ovidio Guzmán.

“Therefore, today the question is not whether the” crime barons “will participate in the 2021 elections. No, the real question is another.

“In favor of which political party will the criminal cartels play their cards, both political and economic?

“And it is also true that everyone knows the answer.

“It turns out that the main organized crime gangs will play in favor of more than a few candidates from the official party, Morena, in alliance with state and municipal governments of the PRI, PAN and PRD and with the federal government.

“And why the certainty that there will be an electoral alliance between the López Obrador government and organized crime?

“Because if it has duck legs, a duck tail, a duck bill, and if it squawks like a duck, we have the right to assume that it is a duck.

“In other words, it would not be the first time that López Obrador has joined an alliance with organized crime. In fact, examples abound.

“And the emblematic case, as we have already said, is that of Obrador’s alliance with the visible head of the Chapo Cartel, Ovidio Guzmán, whom the president himself ordered to be released as payment for the alleged financing of Morena …

“That is why questions are compelling.

“In how many states, municipalities and electoral districts of the country –where there will be elections–, the political boss, the real head of the square and / or“ the boss ”, is a character linked to Morena and, at the same time, an ally? to organized crime?

“How many votes, in the federal contest to renew the Chamber of Deputies and the 15 state governments, will be the product of pressure, blackmail, an alliance or a criminal threat?

“In how many of the 300 disputed federal districts across the country, how many state governments will cover up fraud by crime lords?

“What can candidates and citizens of other parties, where Morena is, at the same time, the dominant criminal gang do in the face of such threats?

“Yes, as never before, organized crime will be present in the 2021 elections. And yes, it will vote for the president’s party, López Obrador. At the time. ” (End of quote)

And again, López Obrador himself agreed with us.

At the time.

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