Sign language is a must for inclusion in Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- The Mexican Sign Language (LSM) is part of the linguistic heritage of the nation since July 10, 2005. Thanks to the birth of this branch of the communication people with hearing and speech difficulties can communicate with each other, however, a large percentage of society is unaware of their existence.

In the Évora Region, approximately 150 people suffer from deafness problems, which commonly engage in conversation only with family members because the rest of society cannot understand their intentions, so they end up isolating themselves and depending on someone else.

The communication teacher, María Fernanda Arámbura, part of the CAM 45 of Salvador Alvarado, pointed out that it is of the utmost importance that society knows this language, in addition that this is a need for inclusion, in the same way, it is of great help for those who know it. need, “knowing is very cool, because you can help and guide these people, since they suffer from not being able to communicate,” he said.

He added that it is important that schools implement this communication tool, regardless of whether or not they have students with speech problems, since it is very necessary for society to have knowledge of the subject.

He also added that the educational facilities of CAM 45 are open to anyone who wants to know or orient themselves about LSM.

For her part, Liza López, a graduate in Psychopedagogy, said that due to the pandemic these people face a challenge in their daily communication, since the use of face masks limits their understanding, since they tend to read the speaker’s lips when speaking, of this In this way they decipher what they are trying to tell them.

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“I believe that the promotion and dissemination of this noble practice would be greatly beneficial for the community in question, because, although it could be said that the people belonging to this area are in a certain way a minority, we cannot deny their existence or their development. within society ”, he commented.

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