Shrimp ban is lifted and few fishermen from Escuinapa, Sinaloa go out to catch

Sinaloa.- The hubbub and bustle generated by the start of the shrimp fishing they were inhibited by the bad weather that generated a light drizzle That began at dawn and lasted the rest of the day, only a few boats went out to fish for the much-desired crustacean in the Escuinapa estuaries, Sinaloa.

In the fishing sites of the La Estacada area they were observed with little activity, in the fragile palapas that are on the banks of the estuaries where the process of receiving, weighing and channeling the product to the refrigerant trucks that are eager to receive the load of shrimp they have waited for most of the year.

Most of the boats remained chained waiting for fishermen to leave early this September 14, but most stayed on the shores of the estuaries waiting for the weather to improve.

Few fishermen go out to catch shrimp in Escuinapa | Photo: María Ibarra / Debate

Juan Manuel Salas Barrón, president of the Tata Lázaro Cárdenas cooperative reported that the bad weather in the municipality affected the start of shrimp catches, since the rains inhibited the crustacean, so many of the partners decided to postpone their departure and wait for the weather to improve.

“The time that was registered does not favor us and I think we have to wait for the water to go down because the rain causes the shrimp to hide. We can report that the bad weather did not allow a good start, ”said Salas Barrón.

He commented that the cooperative he represents was expected to leave an average of 40 boats and due to bad weather only 5 or 6 boats left.

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“Few entered to fish, but the canoes that came out have registered good catches, we are talking that the average is between 30 to 40 kilos and the sizes are very good years we had that this did not happen, the rains favored us,” said the leader fishing.

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