Shohei Ohtani is unique, sensational

Coral Gables, Fla. (VIP-WIRE). “As soon as one is famous, she loses control of herself” … MADONA.-

The most important thing is that the Angels are leaders in their Division, with 17-10 until yesterday, and over the Astros, 15-11.

The amazing thing is that Shohei Ohtani is showing off things that no one has done in baseball for a long time. Like that of, at the same time, being a starting pitcher and a third batter in Fenway Park. It happened the day before yesterday.

The last one who had assumed such responsibilities together in the Boston park had been Babe Ruth, on September 20, 1919. More than 102 years ago.

And not only that, but Shohei shut out the Red Sox in seven innings, with 11 strikeouts (more than half of the 21 outs in the process). The third strikes of those shot were, four with splitters, three with sliders, three with fastballs and one with a curveball.

In other words, he had all the repertoire at its maximum, with the curve at 81 miles per hour, the splitter at 89.4 and the fastball, which he threw 48 times, between 97.2 and 103.3. He altogether threw for home plate 99 times and missed 29 swings. It is clear that while other pitchers take care of throwing at the batters’ heads, what the Japanese does is pass the ball through the strike zone.

Ohtani allowed six hits, zero runs, before being relieved starting in the eighth inning by Mike Mayers, who hung up the other two zeros for the 8-0 win. At bat, Ohtani doubled and singled in four at-bats, one RBI and one run scored.

“This boy is incredible. I have no words to praise him as he deserves,” said Jared Walsh, who chipped in for the win with his second home run of the season. And the veteran of the Red Sox, Rich Hill, expressed…:

“Ohtani is the best in both leagues. We all agree on that. What he does may not be seen for another hundred years.” It was Shohei Ohtani’s first time pitching at Fenway Park. After the game, surrounded by reporters, in the clubhouse, he said…:

“This is one of my favorite stadiums, as I think it is the favorite of all baseball lovers. He dreamed of launching here. And I’m leaving with a very good impression of Fenway Park and all of Boston.” Angels manager Joe Maddon, who one assumes has seen it all in baseball, commented…:

“Ohtani has thrown the best game of his career this afternoon, after last night we were here until close to midnight and with a tremendous cold. He is a special, unique, sensational player.”

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