Sheinbaum and Del Mazo on trial

The death that looms over the inhabitants of the Cerro del Chiquihuite refers to the fable of the shepherd boy who provoked the mobilization of the neighbors with the repeated lie “the wolf is coming, the wolf is coming…!”.

Useless for practical purposes, the Risk Atlas of the capital and Edomex record the obviousness of the danger in which those who inhabit the slopes of that promontory of gigantic rocks are for human life.

Despite this, the authorities of both demarcations have been unable to decisively confront the mixture of insufficient popular housing with landslides and landslides. But not only: the CdMx government contemplates the installation of a cable car that will expedite the probability that those living there will end up crushed: in February 2019, when Claudia Sheinbaum announced the construction of cable bus lines to connect Indios Verdes with Cuautepec in the Gustavo A Madero mayor’s office and another from the 1917 Constitución Metro station with Santa Martha Acatilta, in Iztapalapa. The then coordinator of the Transport Regulatory Body and future director of the Cablebús System, Pavel Sosa Martínez, anticipated the purpose of making another secondary or trunk line to link the sports fields of Campos Revolución (close to the Cuautepec terminal) with the La Pastora neighborhood … on the Chiquihuite hill! (On the opposite but equally lethal side of the site of the Mexican Tlalnepantla where the most recent tragedy occurred).

The idea is for La Pastora station to be one of the first Modal Transfer Centers to serve as a warehouse to store and maintain the cabins. The project foresees a Chiquihuite station that “will be the highest and will have an architectural finish detailed by the view it offers” (as long as new and unpredictable landslides allow it, it should be noted).

In mid-2009, the engineers specialized in geological risks Mario Alberto Martínez, Enrique Cabral, Francisco Correa Mora, Óscar Díaz Molina, Gerardo Cifuentes, Esteban Hernández and Hugo Delgado warned that Chiquihuite is not suitable as a residential area and recalled that a large rock , in 1998, it filmed and “affected several homes on Coatlicue street in the La Pastora neighborhood …”.

Much more complicated and expensive than a comparatively cheap cable bus line is planning, surveying, talking, convincing, offering affordable housing options to families with modest resources and putting them to safety, out of the place where their invasion should not have been allowed. Of course due to the instability of the terrain but also because it is part of the ecological, technical, legal but falsely “protected” reserve of the Sierra de Guadalupe.

Now faced with misfortune, the challenge for Sheinbaum and Governor Del Mazo is to design an exemplary plan for decent and low-cost housing for all the inhabitants of Chiquihuite and the radical depopulation of the hill, the demolition of all buildings and forest rehabilitation. of the invaded areas.

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