She is Tania García the future nutritionist who wants to change the world for a healthier one

Mexico.- Full of illusions and a lot of energy, that’s right Tania garcia the beautiful and statuesque fitness girl who wants to be the reason for a great change in people and not for nothing has his career almost ready as nutritionist as it ensures that it is has the ability to inspire many people to seek change.

Tanía García or Tanhealthy as it is also called for the reason for its turn which is health and the fitness world, in addition to being a name that for social networks is very helpful to generate an immediate relationship. Tanía describes herself as a person who does not know the limits and in the same way wants to show others that there are none.

Through social networks, she shares a large number of tips for all types of people, although her specialized groups are women who want and see in her a reliable guide to achieve everything they propose and that is that Tanía García is not only charismatic and She is committed to her career and it is that she makes her trust with results, which can be seen with her beautiful photos in swimsuits.

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Tania García as a nutritionist has a dream figure | Photo: Instagram Tania García (@tanhealthy)

The almost nutritionist trusts many in her feelings to help others, she has a taste for doing the most intimate things for each of the people she helps in their transformation and in that way she has achieved the expected results and with great success. Not for nothing has a high number of followers on Instagram reaching almost half a million.

And as previously said, Tanía García is proof that her work is bearing fruit, she under a regimen of exercise and self-love has been able to achieve great results that she shows without regret on her social networks. Now she is the owner of one of the most praised figures in the fitness world and that fills her with pride and the desire to help others.

Tania García has almost half a million fans on Instagram | Photo: Instagram Tania García (@tanhealthy)

Tania’s favorite photos are those of a swimsuit where her almost perfection is appreciated in great detail, although from her own words that does not exist but that can make a significant change look like this, reaching more and more the best point of person.

As if that were not enough, it is also part of the company The Healthy Project where, together with a colleague, they manage the process of hundreds of people in their change of habits and their improvement over time, in addition to rewarding those who have managed to do it. Its main audience is women, and it is much easier to reach them.

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