Shakira shows herself as a chef and pleases her children in the kitchen

Mexico. The singer-songwriter colombian Shakira Yes, he knows how to pamper his children when it comes to making them something delicious to eat and as proof the video that he shares on his Instagram account.

Shakira, singer of hits like Eyes like that, publishes a funny video where you can see making pancakes for your children, who help you and watch carefully as it does.

Milan and Sasha, Shakira’s children can be seen happily in the kitchen with their famous mother, who prepares a delicious breakfast for them and you can see how she does it step by step.

“Today’s adventure with pancakes, Everyone has had a great time, although the result is not exactly what they expected,” says Gerard Piqué’s wife.

Shakira is one of the stars of music that her private life has almost always tried to keep private, but lately she has decided otherwise and on her social networks she shares images and videos next to her husband and children.

And that his millions of fans that it has in all the countries of the world, who are the first to celebrate each publication of Shakira, they also thank her for showing them what her life is like at home, out of the spotlight.

Milan, 8, and Sasha, 6, As a result of her relationship with the footballer Gerard Piqué, they are the most valuable treasure that Shakira has in her life and she has stated this in several interviews with her.

Shakira and her family have traveled to different places on vacation, but what children love the most is going to the snow and skiing, as she has also shown in various publications.

And unfortunately, the international star of pop music in other interviews has mentioned that what hurts the most is parting with their children for work things.

In a talk with Viva magazine, for example, he expressed:

“Sometimes you can’t see your kids for a month or more. It’s very difficult. But we call each other through FaceTime, so we’re constantly in communication, that helps.”

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Shakira, famous since the 90s and interpreter of other hits such as Flies in the house and I’m here, maintains a relationship with the footballer Gerard Piqué since 2011, before welcoming their children in 2013 and 2015, respectively.

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