Seven-hour workday and 12 days of vacation could be a reality

Nueva labour reform for Mexican men and women that allows ‘dignified rest’ consists of increased vacation days, a seven-hour work day and an increase in parenting days.

Initiative presented by Alicia Caraveo, senator from Morena, where she raises reform the Federal Labor Lawwith the analysis that Mexico is the country with fewer vacation days and more working days.

It was proposed to modify article 76 that talks about the period of annual holiday worked, which in no case may be less than twelve working days and which will increase to two working days up to eighteen for each subsequent year of service.

It was also suggested that they work seven hour daysdue to the fact that most of the countries work only six days and the shifts do not exceed this number of hours per day.

They even propose that the day shift be seven hours, the night shift six and a half hours mixed, this in order to give the worker the opportunity to encourage a shorter working day by avoiding excessive fatigue.

part of this labour reform, They seek to generate a change in article 132 in which employers grant 20 working days of paid leave to men for the birth of their sons and daughters, as well as the adoption of an infant.

Changes in workday that are necessary to avoid nervous diseases such as burnout and even a timely rest that allows the worker to have a more dignified working life.

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