September 17th anniversary: ​​What happened on a day like today?

World.- In the ephemeris of this September 17 Several important events that marked the history of humanity stand out, for example: in 1964, the National Museum of Anthropology was inaugurated in Mexico, one of the most important in the world.

On the same date, but in 2016, five years ago, the leader of the Colombian guerrilla FARC, Rodrigo Londoño Echeverri, alias “Timochenko”, opens the Tenth Guerrilla Conference in which the peace agreement with the Colombian Government was unanimously ratified and the abandonment of arms.

What are the ephemeris of September 17?

1787.- The members of the United States Congress ratify the Constitution of the country.

1793.- French Revolution: The Committee for Public Salvation begins a period known as “Terror” to face counterrevolutionary activities.

1879.- The writer and Cuban independence leader José Martí, detained in Havana accused of conspiring against Spain.

1944.- World War II: The battle of Arnhemm (Holland) begins, the last victory of the German Army in which more than 1,400 soldiers died.

1948.- Count Folke Bernadotte, representative of the UN before Arabs and Jews, assassinated in Jerusalem.

1959.- COBOL (Common Business-Oriented Language) is presented, one of the first programming languages ​​in the history of computing.

1964.- Inaugurated in Mexico the National Museum of Anthropology, one of the most important in the world.

1970.- The clashes between the country’s army and members of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) known by the name of “Black September” begin in Jordan.

1971.- The Japanese company Sony presents U-matic, the first analog video-recording system that, due to its high price, was used only professionally.

1978.- Signing of the Camp David Accords for peace in the Middle East, between the Egyptian president, Anuar el Sadat, and the Israeli prime minister, Menachem Begin.

1980.- The former president of Nicaragua Anastasio Somoza, assassinated in Asunción (Paraguay) where he was in exile.

1991.- The first version (0.01) of the Linux kernel, a pioneer of free software (open source), is published on the Internet.

1992.- Ecuador leaves OPEC.

2001.- The World Trade Organization (WTO) approves the accession of China.

2005.- The Mexican boxer Jesús Chávez dethrons the American Levander Johnson from the world lightweight crown, who died on the 22nd due to the damage suffered during the fight.

2007.- The International Astronomical Union (IAU) classifies Haumea as a dwarf and plutoid planet, thus naming it in honor of the Hawaiian goddess of birth.

2011.- The Occupy Wall Street movement against the austerity policies in your country begins in New York, inspired by the Spanish May 15th movement (15M).

2012.- The Imperio Theater in the Chilean city of Valparaíso, a building built at the beginning of the 20th century, was destroyed by a fire that destroyed a large part of its infrastructure.

2015.- The car company General Motors sentenced to pay a fine of 900 million dollars for a defect in the ignition system of its cars.

2018.- Spanish amateur golfer Celia Barquín Arozamena is murdered by a young man at the University of Iowa in the United States.

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2020.- The boards of directors of CaixaBank and Bankia give the green light to the merger between both entities to create the largest bank in Spain.

Who was born on September 17?

1580.- Francisco de Quevedo, Spanish writer.

1749.- Agustín Cea Bermúdez, Spanish painter and art critic.

1857.- Konstantín Tsiolkovski, Russian scientist, known as the “father of Comonautics”, his work made it possible to put the first artificial satellite and the first space travel into orbit.

1918.- Chaim Erzog, former president of Israel.

1921.- Virgilio Barco, former president of Colombia.

1923.- Hank Williams, American country music singer.

1926.- Aaron Lustiger, French philosopher and theologian.

1928.- Roddy McDowall, British actor.

1929.- Stirling Moss, British motoring champion.

1931.- Anne Bancroft, American actress.

1944.- Reinhold Messner, Italian mountaineer.

1949.- Miguel Angel Gómez, Spanish conductor.

1950.- Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister.

1952.- Pedro Gutiérrez Moya “El Niño de la Capea”, Spanish bullfighter.

1956.- Francesc Capdevila “Max”, Spanish cartoonist.

1960.- Damon Hill, British motorsport driver, Formula 1 champion.

1968.- Anastacia, American singer and songwriter.

Who died on September 17?

1791.- Tomás de Iriarte, Spanish poet and fabulist.

1814.- Vicente Salias, Venezuelan patriot, author of the lyrics of the National Anthem of Venezuela.

1965.- Alejandro Casona, Spanish playwright.

1993.- Luis Carmona “Habichuela”, Spanish guitarist.

1994.- Karl Popper, British philosopher of Austrian origin.

2002.- Edvaldo Alvez de Santa Rosa “Dida”, Brazilian soccer player.

2017.- René Drucker, 80, Mexican scientist.

2020.- Winston Francis Groom, American writer, author of “Forrest Gump”, later taken to the big screen.

2020.- Robert Gore, American chemist, inventor of Gore-Tex.


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