SEP, Sipinna and civil organizations install commission to guide the return to classes face-to-face

Mexico.- The Secretary of Public Education (SEP), in conjunction with the National System for the Comprehensive Protection of Girls, Boys and Adolescents (Sipinna), and other institutions held the first session of the Commission for the Return to Face-to-Face Classes (CRCP), whose main objective is to guide the return to face-to-face classes in Mexico almost two weeks after starting the return.

This working group will be integrated into a strategic agenda on collaboration and coordination in the key aspects of health, family, training, and psychological support measures for the school community.

In his participation the secretary of Education, Delfina Gómez ÁlvarezHe pointed out that the return to classes is an issue that corresponds to everyone, for which he called to join the efforts of the federal government so that this return to face-to-face classes is carried out safely.

Similarly, the undersecretary of Basic Education, Martha Velda Hernández Moreno, who will coordinate the activities of the CRCP, pointed out that the commission is up to the challenges they face and stressed that with the sum of efforts of other public agencies, civil society organizations and other organizations, this return to classes so that it occurs in safe conditions and the learning processes are guaranteed.

He added that returning to classes is not easy, since only in basic education, 25 million students are involved, in addition to the problems that have arisen due to natural disasters along with the pandemic.

While the head of the office of the Executive Secretary of Sipinna, Constanza Tort San Román, stated that the subject of face-to-face return to classes “It is where it is clearly seen that proper coordination is the work of the executive secretariats of the systems of the three orders, federal, state and municipal, because they can support and greatly facilitate this titanic work that is in charge of the Ministry of Public Education ”.

He added that this commission has the objective of providing technical support to establish complementary actions that are needed for the orderly and safe return to face-to-face classes.

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“Mitigate the negative impacts that the pandemic has caused in this area such as school dropouts, situations of violence and effects on mental and emotional health in girls, boys and adolescents, since, in accordance with the recommendations of international organizations, the opening of schools are essential to prevent and avoid damage to educational progress “, he sentenced.

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