Senate approves Impeachment Law

By unanimous vote of 106, the Senate of the Republic corrected the page to the Chamber of Deputies and the obligation of local legislatures to abide by the declarations of lawlessness issued by the Chamber of Deputies disappeared and with this, the approval of the Law of Political Trial and Declaration of Provenance. With the modifications to the ruling, the protection of the state leaders is maintained when they are subjected to a judgment of lawlessness, as was the case of the governor of Tamaulipas, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca.

“… If it had been approved in the terms of the co-legislator, there was a risk that these procedures could bebe used for political purposes, unrelated to their constitutional purpose. In the case of the prosecution for criminal responsibility of the President of the Republic, the possibility of a political crisis scenario was also opened, putting the stability of our country at risk, and finally, it was certain that the fate of the decree in the terms of the original ruling it would have been the challenge before the Supreme Court… ”said the PRI senator, Claudia Ruiz Massieu.

“… The Senate is the custodian of federalism, not a pimp of ruffian governors, nor is it being legislated ad cassus against Cabeza de Vaca, who legislated in favor of Cabeza de Vaca 55 days after the Tamaulipas Local Congress was outraged to try to avoid the substitute once dismissed for the violation… ”assured the senator of Morena Germán Martínez.

It is established that citizens may request the declaration of provenance to sanction, dismiss or even disqualify high-level officials, including the President, who incur in serious violations of the Constitution, federal laws or who misuse funds and resources. federal.

“… Of course the President has jurisdiction and it is correct that he has it, it does not imply impunity, if the procedures are complied with, any public servant can be prosecuted, so today we say congratulations that he won the consensus, the dialogue, the opening …” He said PAN Senator Damián Zepeda

If the investigating section considers the request to be appropriate, the Chamber of Deputies will become an accusation body. The impeachment may only be initiated while the public servant is in office or in the year after the appointment.

“… This legislative project provides clearer procedures and rules for when an official, including the highest level, violate the law, misuse or steal public resources, they can be judged disabled, dismissed or even imprisoned …” He assured Geovanna del Carmen Bañuelos De la Torre Senadora del PT.

The minute was transferred to the Chamber of Deputies for your parliamentary purposes.

Source: Uno Tv.


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