Screams of terror! Brawl and shooting break out at the Cry of Independence party in Nuevo León

Nuevo León.- A party for the Cry of Independence of Mexico it almost ended in a tragedy in a house in the municipality of Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, after a fight among the guests that ended in shooting.

Around 08:30 hours this Thursday, the guests of a national party located in a house on Paseo de la Huasteca 169 street in the Vision la Huasteca neighborhood began to argue and the level escalated to the gunshots.

Elements of Public Security of Santa Catarina and rescue bodies mobilized to the place to attend the report of a shooting in said colony of the municipality of Santa Catarina.

According to local media, it was mentioned that a couple celebrated the Grito de Independencia with friends at their home, but around 8:30 in the morning a fight broke out and one of the guests took out one of their belongings. pistol.

The guest began firing into the air and at the home of the hosts of the national holiday. The shooting alarmed the residents of the sector, who immediately reported it to the authorities.

Municipal police officers arrived at the scene and found at least 7 firearm casings, for which they requested the presence of personnel from the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Nuevo León.

Access to the street was closed so that the FGJ agents could carry out the corresponding expert opinion, where they marked evidence of firearm casings, without determining their caliber.

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The person responsible, whose identity is unknown, was not arrested at the scene; However, the authorities investigated through the surveillance cameras of a nearby house where the shooting was recorded during the celebration of the Scream of Independence, which ended with screams of terror.

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