Scarlett Salazar relaxes in a hot tub and steals hearts in a colorful swimsuit

Mexico.- The beautiful and sculptural Scarlett salazar She did it again and it is that she has made social networks focus on her again and it is not for a small thing since the driver also made use of her rest in a jacuzzi a great gift for her fans.

Scarlett Salazar took a little getaway to Thermal Cosala in Jalisco to try a Jacuzzi made of red wine which apparently has a benefit for the skin and hydrates it as it improves circulation and many other issues that would have led to sports behavior when entering.

But what really captivated all her fans is that Scarlett Salazar used a flirtatious green swimsuit that could simulate the scales of a snake although the same bathing suit gives the feeling of a look like the pattern of the tail characteristic of the Disney princess Ariel or at least in color.

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Obviously those photos caused a great stir and that is that Scarlett Salazar is the owner of a dream figure where each part of her figure is very well placed, starting with her face that seems to be a perfect woman. As well as leaving a bit to the imagination of what her entire swimsuit was like as some threads give a promising feel from another angle.

Scarlett Salazar looks great on her visit to the red wine hot tub | Photo: Instagram Scarlett Salazar

And it is that more than 64 thousand people could not be wrong that Scarlett Salazar is one of the new goddesses of the networks because it has been known to win the male public with its knowledge in sports and with a touch of sensuality when possible. In the same way also for women it has been an example to achieve the goals.

Recently Scarlett Salazar was somewhat criticized for some photos that some who call themselves followers since they did not find it very appropriate how it looked, but as if to maintain peace and tranquility the driver did not comment on the comments and simply left the photos for those who If you appreciate them and apparently there have been many, since more than 70 thousand have left their reaction.

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