Sabotage in the health sector?

Even criminal management by officials of the previous administration in the health sector seems criminal, by letting medicines worth 30 million pesos expire, while in hospitals and health centers patients worsened because they were denied care. It could even qualify as a kind of sabotage that must be punished.

The discovery in the warehouses was made by the current Secretary of Health, Cuitláhuac González, who adds that patients with oncological diseases, that is, with some type of cancer, were also told that there were no medications, and searching a little it was found that there were more than 300 doses that could have alleviated or attenuated his ailments.

The official says that he is not sure if those responsible for letting the medicines expire will be investigated, but Governor Rubén Rocha came out immediately and assures that responsibilities will even be established. You can’t put people’s health at risk like that.

During the current federal administration, the lucrative business that politicians and even authorities, including the former Secretary of Health José Narro and the former PRI presidential candidate Roberto Madrazo, have made with the sale of medicines at inflated prices, as well as the boycott that some state governments carried out by hiding the medicines provided by the federation, to cause an artificial shortage.

In addition to the shortage of medicines, it transpires that there are also huachicol of the same, this is that it is common for corrupt officials and employees of hospitals to incur in the so-called ant robbery to sell them on the black market to pharmacies and private offices.

The magnitude of the damage that this caused in Sinaloa was not known, but once the tip of the skein is discovered, it has to be thoroughly investigated to avoid further damage.

Potpourri. Surprisingly, the general director of Cobaes, Santiago Inzunza, came to Los Mochis yesterday and appointed Ascensión Zepeda as coordinator in the northern zone, replacing Lucio Antonio Tarín. It is understood that they are strategic castlings to improve work and the quality of education, and “El Chony” says that he comes to work as a team, without distinction of ideologies and political colors.

VIOLENCE. More than red spotlights, a burning ember, represents for the Chihuahua government of Governor Marú Campos and the federal government, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the murder in Cerocahui of Jesuit priests who were devoted to helping indigenous families.

In the mountains, the violence exerted by the drug cartels and the regional bosses is old and now dozens of soldiers are commissioned to fight the hit men, but as the saying goes, “when the child is drowned they cover the well.” The loss of life is irreparable.

TRICOLOR. It rains on wet for the PRI, since Morena has just presented a bill to prohibit it from continuing to use the green, white and red colors of the national flag. It will surely be approved.

“There were many medicines”, Cuitláhuac González, Secretary of Health

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