Rugged afternoon in Mazatlán; motorcyclists suffer fractures and injuries

Sinaloa.- Two bikers suffered serious injuries while crash separately on Mexico 15 federal highway, south of Mazatlan.

In both cases, it appears that speeding was the cause of the accidents.

The first mishap was reported at 6:30 p.m., and occurred near the El Castillo ejido. Personnel from the Veteran Firefighters base that are in that place arrived to provide first aid.

The young man suffered a right leg fracture, which caused heavy bleeding. Civilians performed a tourniquet to stop the bleeding, while paramedics arrived.

The driver was identified as Josué N, 29, a neighbor of the Villa Carey subdivision. He was transferred to a hospital for medical attention.

The versions indicate that the motorcyclist crashed against the back of an urban truck.

Ten minutes later, operators of the Emergency Center received a report of another accident on the same road, but a few meters from the Urías bridge.

Lifeguards from the port-based Veteran Fire Station moved to the scene. There they found a man with a completely injured body.

This person was driving a motorcycle and collided with a red car. When he fell to the road, he produced lacerations on his body that prevented him from standing due to the intense pain.

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The unit he was driving was shattered by the impact and spill. The approximately 30-year-old man was taken to hospital for medical attention.


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