Rocha profiles more people to the cabinet

In full national holidays, the governor-elect Rubén Rocha asks that they do not eat cravings, that he will fulfill his promise to make known the names of the members of his cabinet before the end of the second week of September; however, he adds more names of his probable collaborators in first and second level positions.

He has already invited the former candidate for governor of Fuerza México Rosa Elena Millán to join his government, although not to any secretariat, but he has not yet replied. It will also incorporate Javier Gaxiola Coppel and everything indicates that the attorney general will be Óscar Fidel González Mendívil. He says that he does not receive pressure from anywhere, only normal lobbying and that in some areas such as Finance and Fiscalization, professionals with a technical profile will have to enter, not necessarily politicians.

The leader of the PAS, Héctor Melesio Cuen, continues to play in two waters between the Ministry of Health or the Economy, and to designate the Secretary of Public Security he will coordinate with the federal government, there are already some talks with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, because It is necessary to have a close collaboration and to deepen the fight against crime, to continue lowering crime rates.

Most of the members of the cabinet will come from the Morena-PAS alliance, although people without a party will also be called to collaborate, but so far they have not scheduled to call people from the PAN, only Alejandro Higuera and some leaders who resigned from the party. and they joined the campaign. The names are still written in pencil, some have been erased and it is possible that more will be erased, but it is a matter of waiting a few days to know the complete cabinet.

POTPOURRI. As never before, the national celebrations were clouded by the shadow of the threat of the covid pandemic, although in Mexico City the colorful military civic parade commemorating the anniversary of the country’s Independence was held, in which they participated for the first time , together with the Mexican military, detachments from 13 countries that came to show solidarity with the Mexicans. The biggest controversy arises because the president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz, was invited as a speaker.
Here in Ahome the Scream ceremony was almost private and the parade was suspended, only the raising of the flag.

VACCINES. With the mobilization of an army of specialists and volunteers, during the last five days, 30,270 doses of AstraZeneca vaccines were applied and the best of all is that now there were no crowds because people respected the order that they had to get vaccinated.
The coordinator of the Wellbeing days, Arturo Velázquez, appreciates the participation of elements of the National Guard, the Mexican Navy, Social Security nurses, servants of the nation, young brigade members of the UAS and volunteers from rural communities to achieve the Vaccination goals that closed yesterday with visits to 34 homes of bedridden people. Progress is being made in immunizing the population of Ahome.


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