Reveal video of the rescue of “El Squidward”, alleged leader of the Gulf Cartel in Reynosa

Tamaulipas.- A video that has been published recently revealed the moment in which men wearing the clothing of the Special Forces of the Mexican Navy free a criminal leader of the Ministerial of Reynosa, Tamaulipas, on June 13.

The visual material was shared by the digital content agency, Vice Word News, where it is shown how several armed subjects break into the headquarters of the Tamaulipas Attorney General’s Office to free the kingpin.

After entering and submitting the people who were inside the building, they start the search for JI said Alfredo Hernández Campos, alias the “Metro 27” or the “Squidward”. And after locating him in one of the cells, they ask the person from the facilities to open the cell to free him.

After reviewing the facilities for a moment and meeting no resistance from the police, the

The men lead the kingpin towards the exit and finally flee.

Due to the escape, an operation was implemented in Reynosa to find those responsible for the release of the kingpin, which left one killed and three detainees.

Through this search, a vehicle was located whose crew members attacked the Gopes elements.

On September 3, the “Squidward” was killed after a confrontation between cells of the Golgo Cartel (CDG) and the military.

After the publication of the video, until now the Prosecutor’s Office has not reported on the course of the investigations, nor has it confirmed whether those who released the capo were disguised criminals, sailors or soldiers.

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