The newspaper El Clarín, of Buenos Aires, Argentina, reported on September 12, 1996 that at least eight wounded and dozens of detainees left behind the violent incidents that occurred the day before in Santiago de Chile on the occasion of a demonstration that was organized to commemorate the 23rd anniversary of Augusto Pinochet’s military coup against the democratic government of Dr. Salvador Allende. The march had been organized to remember the victims of repression during the military dictatorship.

That day in 1996 most of the people went for a walk, because it was a holiday. However, elderly people already burdened for years and seized by emotion attended the traditional mass that was held in the chapel of La Moneda, the government house bombed by the Howker Hunters, that September 11, 1973, in which he committed suicide. President Salvador Allende.

At the beginning of the afternoon, hundreds of young people with shouts and banners challenged the 1,500 police officers that the Government brought out that day to keep order. Shortly after, the youths faced stones with the police, who repressed them with batons, jets of water and tear gas. Pinochet’s supporters met in the Barrio Alto to sing praise for their dictator. There were all the former ministers of his regime, retired officers and senior leaders of the right.

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