Report white balance at the Cry of Independence party in Ahome

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Although there was a lot of mobility in the city of Los Mochis and the rural area of ​​the municipality of Ahome during the night of Cry of IndependenceFortunately, no major incident was recorded, declared Carlos Rodríguez Ponce.

However, the director of Public Safety and Municipal Traffic of Ahome said that in some private meetings he had to intervene by making invitations to comply with the sanitary provisions.

“There was a white balanceIndeed, there were some arrested for alcohol abuse which they reported to us this morning but there were no people arrested for major crimes. There was nothing to regret, nor accidents where human lives were lost and as I mentioned, there was a lot of activity on the part of the citizens but they were responsible, nor were there any accident reports, “he said.

Similarly, he pointed out that the breathalyzer operation was established both in the rural area and in the receiverships in order to prevent drunken people from driving their vehicles.

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“The truth is that there was a lot of activity on the part of the citizens, many celebrations but most of them were inside the homes, that was what we were able to notice, there were some meetings outside but the citizens were invited to enter to the homes but there was no situation to regret. The breathalyzer operation operated in the city and in the rural area ”, he pointed out.

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