Report of the ARMADO group in Choix, Sinaloa mobilizes federal, state and municipal forces

Sinaloa. Municipal preventive police, state police, military and elements of the National Guard carried out a surveillance tour of the municipal seat of Choix, Sinaloa, and the mountains on the afternoon of this day and everything passed without incident.

The police mobilization was due to the fact that they reported armed people. The Mixed Urban Operations Base (BOMU) went to the community of La Tasajera, then continued to Cajón de Cancio, El Potrero, Último Vado, Agua Caliente Grande and El Aguajito, without major setbacks. They also went to El Mezquite Caído, Las Taunitas, El Nacimiento, Techobampo, La Estancia, among others, but fortunately everything was quiet.

Report of armed group in Choix, Sinaloa mobilizes BOMU | Photo: Courtesy

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In addition, the operation was registered two days after two violent events that occurred in the alteño municipality and that left as a balance three dead and two wounded by gunshots.

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