Report of “lift” mobilizes the authorities in Los Mochis and provokes panic among neighbors

Los Mochis, Sinaloa. An intense mobilization of authorities It caused panic among residents of the Raúl Romanillo neighborhood on Thursday night.

It transpired that it was the supposed report of a “Lift” which caused several patrols of the National Guard, as well as the Municipal Police, to go to the place.

The events occurred on January Street, between Ceibas and Amapa, just behind the Public Security building.

According to the information obtained on the site, shortly before 8:00 p.m. a report was given to the 911 emergency number of an alleged deprivation of liberty of a person in the mentioned sector.

A security operation was immediately implemented and several National Guard patrols traveled to the scene to confirm the events.

However, at the site they were given another version of what happened, and it is that allegedly moments before a doctor from the General Hospital would have suffered a robbery at the hands of a subject who had fled and entered a home, adjacent to where in at that time a children’s party was taking place.

Around 4 patrols from the National Guard and as many from the Municipal Police were blocking the street between the home where they indicated that the alleged thief had taken refuge.

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The uniformed men were at the site for a little over half an hour and later withdrew.


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