Removing the statue of Columbus “seems like a real stupid to me”: Spanish Tiktoker

Considering that this is how the Hispanic past will be denied, the Spanish tiktoker Davy Rodriguez described as “authentic nonsense” the replacement of the statue of Christopher Columbus from Paseo de la Reforma.

Through a video on the social network, the Spaniard criticized the measure announced by the head of Government Claudia Sheinbaum to replace the sculpture with one of a woman indigenous.

“What are they going to put in? An indigenous Mexica? (sic). Of those who made human sacrifices before the Spanish came? “He added, while ensuring that in addition to being macho, the Mexica sacrificed women and children to satisfy their gods.

He also criticized the government of López Obrador, to whom he asked to stop attacking Spain “because your name is López Obrador, you are the son of those conquerors who went to America.”

And although it went viral this Friday, the video has already been on the network for four days, during which it has received 3 mil 547 likes against 15.6K reviews, most against, criticizing his knowledge of history, such as mentioning Columbus as Spanish, when in reality he was Italian.

Likewise, among the criticisms was the fact that the indigenous woman in the sculpture will be olmeca, as the Government of Mexico City advanced just this Friday.

About the sculpture

Away from the tiktoker’s comment, the sculpture of “Tlali”, The Olmec woman, received a wave of criticism after the presentation of her model, because, among other things, they pointed out that she has no similar with Olmec features, but with African women, even mentioning that the face looks alien.

After this, Sheinbaum Pardo assured that the images that were released of the face that will be exhibited in Paseo de la Reforma, are only a Sketch that the author will continue to work.

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While the sculptor defended the work stating that the face arose from the fusion of various indigenous elements, such as the eyes of snake and the lips of jaguar, in order to remember those elements so prominent in the Olmec culture, to which the headdress of snakes is added.


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