Relatives of Sandra Cuevas participated in an attack on a deputy in the Obrera neighborhood

Relatives of the Mayor of Cuauhtémoc, Sandra Cuevasare part of the shock group that on Thursday threatened to violently remove the tent from a module placed by the local PRI deputy Maxta Gonzalez in the Workers’ Colony.

Among the people who identified themselves as staff of the Cuauhtemoc They were Jaxiel Cuevas Nieves, Juan Cristobal Curiel Cuevas y Guadalupe Lizett González Gonzálezbrother and cousins ​​of the official.

The threat led to a brawl between the legislator’s team and the Mayor’s group, who claimed that the facility did not have permits.

A source who has knowledge of the operation of this group indicated that it has been used by the Mayor to remove events from Morena and of PRI deputies.

Cuevas, the source said, accuses the legislators of not supporting her in the Mexico City Congress.

“That the population evaluate aggression in Cuauhtémoc”

The aggression of personnel of the Mayor Cuauhtemoc the PRI deputy, Maxta González, must be qualified by the population, the Head of Government explained this Friday, Claudia Sheinbaum.

“No, well, since the population evaluates it, let the inhabitants of Cuauhtémoc also do it,” Sheinbaum commented.

“Since everyone makes their own conclusions,” Sheinbaum added to questions from the media.

Regarding the investigation of the aggression, he mentioned: “If they present the complaintlet the corresponding instances do it,” Sheinbaum pointed out.

In a video broadcast by the deputy, the harassment she received by said servers while she was carrying out a neighborhood program in the Colonia Obrera is evidenced.

The legislator was carrying out an action to sell fruits, vegetables and groceries at low cost, for the residents of this area.

After discussing, the Mayor’s Office tried to take away the tent that the legislator had set up on public roads, but she and her team tried to prevent it.

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