Red Cross Denies the case of a child who was allegedly refused to attend in Mazatlán

Sinaloa.- The director of the Red Cross Mazatlán Delegation, Elizabeth Sánchez Carrillo reported at a press conference and clarified the situation of the alleged denial to provide care to a minor who presented a broken arm and that, in addition, a certain amount of money was being demanded from him to be able to attend him.

The doctor in charge of caring for the minor, Jacqueline Valerio, announced that last Thursday 09 of the current month, at approximately 7:30 p.m., the person who arrived and the naked eye was observed to have a fracture and that it was worth doing a study, where said study is not provided by the institution but rather it is done by a private company, which has a cost that is not by the Red Cross but for the individual who performs the x-rays, as well as that required a private traumatologist.

The mother of the minor never mentioned if she was going to transfer the minor to another place or if he would be treated there with the private radiologist and traumatologist, so the minor had not been immobilized, during that time more patients arrived and the doctor in charge took care with the care of another patient and when he returned the minor was no longer found, which his mother had taken without signing the corresponding discharge.

Red Cross surveillance cameras | Photo: Courtesy

In the same way, the person in charge of the reception gave him the money that had been collected as a recovery fee and only managed to ask him if he would take it to the General Hospital without finishing advising on the decision to be made.

Through the video-cameras surveillance that are in the facilities of the Red Cross was recorded the moment in which the receptionist returns the money to the mother of the minor and the version is denied that they had charged a certain amount of money and that the necessary attention.

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The lawyer, Elizabeth Sánchez Carrillo, commented that all this is due to a smear campaign by people who for some time were paramedics in the relief area and for some reason came out of the institution badly and for some resentment they set about creating this type of situation that not only damages the Red Cross as an institution, but also that also to the doctors and also to the citizenship that at some point could take care of the services of said corps of lifeguards.

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