Red Code Heart Attack Program saves a life in Baja California

Mexicali.- Thanks to the activation of the Infarct Code Network promoted by the Secretary of Health of Baja California, J. Adrián Medina Amarillas, saved the life of a patient 40-year-old resident of the city of Mexicali.

This first procedure will be a watershed in terms of health, specifically in heart problems and with this it will be possible to provide hope and quality of life for those who suffer from these conditions, highlighted the head of Health.

He explained that the patient arrived at the emergency room of the General Hospital of Mexicali, with precordial pain (in the region of the chest that corresponds to the heart), for which he was admitted to the intensive care unit for hemodynamic monitoring.

“Last Sunday, July 31, the patient arrived at the hospital and considering his characteristics and clinical criteria, the heart attack code protocol was immediately activated to perform the procedure (catheterization); To date, the patient is stable and pain-free”, he pointed out.

For his part, the patient thanked the quick response and professionalism of the staff, “I got the raffle of my life, I just won the best in the world, which is a life opportunity, they treat me very well here, they are very attentive people , it is very good for me that they have implemented the heart attack code because it will help many people who do not have the economy to pay, “he mentioned.

Medina Amarillas, highlighted that “Mr. Sandoval is the first person to enter this program that was established throughout the State to attend to those who present a heart attack in this way in order to change the natural history of the disease and save their lives. ”.

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In alignment with the heart attack code strategy, the General Hospital of Mexicali links with the Diagnostic Centers in the care of acute myocardial infarctionwith the aim of reducing time and thus providing timely care for patients with this pathology, specifically for people without legal status.

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