Ready for the 2021 Military Parade! The Mexican Army moves to the Zócalo CDMX

CDMX. Within the framework of the celebration of Mexico’s independence day, Mexican Army personnel will travel to the Zócalo of Mexico City on September 16 to carry out the 2021 Military Parade.

From the early hours of this Thursday, members of various and specialized areas of the Mexican Army have begun to move and deploy in the vicinity of the CDMX socket.

With the aim of commemorating the classic parade September 16 military, dozens of soldiers have finished getting ready with their uniforms, weapons, helmets, boots and awards to parade before the Mexican men and women.

Shouting “Cheer up infantry!”, Dozens of members of the Military Army of the Infantry Weapon arrived at the subway facilities to reach the Zocalo of Mexico City, the main point of the parade September 16.

“This is how we raise morale. The personnel who attend the Military Parade, Cheer up, Infantry! A group of gladers have emerged from the ruins, they are distinguished by brave, like the victors, Aztec blood of the gods, infantry by tradition, the third company, the best in the battalion. “

These were some of the words that the soldiers praised on their way in evagons of the CDMX Metro to arrive at the 2021 Military Parade and commemorate one more year of the start of the Mexico’s independence.

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This year’s parade will begin at 11:00 am in the vicinity of the Historic Center of Mexico City, in José María Pino Suárez, and will end in Chapultepec, in the Field Mars.

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