Ramiro Peña and Alí Solís lead the last golden generation of Tomateros de Culiacán

Alí Solís and Ramiro Peña have things in common, in their career as professional baseball players. And when it comes to her life in the cherry jumper, much more. Both our receiver and second baseman made their debut in the Liga Arco Mexicana del Pacífico in the 2006-07 campaign. Since then, they have been an active part of four championships, despite the fact that, in one of them, they could not play the final on the field, due to injury (Peña in 2018 and Solís in 2021).

This pair of experienced hitters represent a good part of the face of this successful generation, which now seeks the feat of hitting the third

championship in consecutive seasons. “The fact of being champion is something very special. Now, a two-time championship is not easy. Thank God it has already been achieved and we are going to continue, we are going to continue, the goal is to continue the three-time championship and we are going with everything for it ”, Peña told us after his arrival at training.

Alí Solís had to undergo surgery on his shoulder during September 2020. The recovery process did not allow him to play during the previous winter, but he was with the team working both in order to get in shape for his return, and to support the peers in internal analysis, as well as rivals.

Today he is completely back: “I feel fresh, strong and ready to do my best,” said the native receiver from Mexicali.

In the summer, as a member of the Sultanes de Monterrey, he participated in 30 games. On defense, he retired 44% of the runners who tried to steal base from him. Solís is very clear that the past is behind us and although it generates happiness, we have to think immediately about what is coming: “since last year, when the last out was sung, when we were two-time champions, from that moment I was already thinking about the three-time championship ”, he expressed.

Both Peña and Solís also coincide in being winners of the Golden Glove of the Liga Arco Mexicana del Pacífico. The second baseman, he got it during 2019-20, while Solís in 2015-16.


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