Quirino Ordaz as ambassador to Spain: AMLO

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will propose the outgoing governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz, a member of the PRI, as the new Mexican ambassador to Spain.

The proposal will be presented to the government of that country to request its approval in accordance with international diplomatic standards, reported the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE).

Later, the agency added this Saturday, the proposal will be sent to the Senate for analysis, decision and eventual vote, as established by the legal procedure.

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry thanked the work and performance of Ambassador María Carmen Oñate Muñoz at the head of the Mexican representation in Madrid.

According to federal authorities, Oñate Muñoz communicated his decision to retire for months, so the Foreign Ministry expressed its appreciation for a 42-year career in the Mexican diplomatic service.

The PRI politician and businessman Quirino Ordaz will conclude his mandate as governor of Sinaloa on October 31.

In 2015, he was elected federal deputy for District 8 of his state.

A year later, in 2016, he ran as the PRI unit candidate for governor of Sinaloa for the elections of the same year, a contest he won by a wide margin.

On Friday, President López Obrador praised his work at the head of Sinaloa and announced that he would invite him to his administration.

However, Ordaz faces questions in the state for the results of his management on issues such as public safety and transparency.

But in 2019, after the failed operation to arrest Ovidio Guzmán, son of drug trafficker Joaquín ‘el Chapo’ Guzmán, President López Obrador defended the governor and said that what happened had not been his responsibility.

“In the case of the governor, he has no responsibility, this was a decision and an operation of the Federation, the federal government, in particular the Secretary of Defense, has no responsibility,” said the president in his morning conference on 22 October.

Source: Political Expansion.


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