Quirino on mission impossible?

Diplomatic relations between Mexico and Spain could not have been more deteriorated when President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that the still governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz, will be the ambassador to the Iberian country. Many say they send him on an “impossible mission.”

But the tour that AMLO undertook over the weekend through the northwest of the country, described as the one of farewell, changed its name to the incorporation to its cabinet of governors emanating from the opposition parties, since yesterday it announced that it will also take his government to the PAN governor of Nayarit, Antonio Echevarría. With this he deals two strong blows to the PRI and the PAN of the battered alliance Va por Sinaloa.

Although he did not go to Baja California, it is assured that Jaime Bonilla will possibly go to the Ministry of Welfare as soon as his term ends, and in Chihuahua the PAN Javier Corral is jumping so that the president also invites him, who was previously a He is a staunch enemy and today he faces the risk of going to jail demanded by Governor Maru Campos, whom he persecuted and was about to imprison despite being fellow party members.

Here in Sinaloa, Quirino’s presidential rescue falls very well, because he was two fires away because during the campaign the Morenoites had filed criminal and electoral lawsuits against him, and on the side the high-ranking PRI commanders began to throw him out. The cavalry was on top, accusing him that he had handed over the governorship without fighting, but it was worth it that he never confronted AMLO and that on the contrary he was always institutional and disciplined and they maintained good relations.

In about a month and a half more, as soon as he hands over the reins of government to the governor-elect, Rubén Rocha, Quirino, he will have to face the challenge of fulfilling the mission entrusted to him by the president of restoring good relations with Spain, after AMLO He demanded that the king apologize for the atrocities and looting perpetrated during the conquest and the 500 years of Spanish colonialism.

Also the cancellation of contracts called leoninos with the Spanish companies OHL, Peña Nieto’s favorite construction company; the electricity company Iberdrola, with which Felipe Calderón worked, and the oil company Repsol and the non-invitation to the Spanish government to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Mexico’s Independence have deteriorated relations. This is the environment that Quirino will face.

Potpourri. Senator Imelda Castro is wanted to recover soon after the announcement she makes that she tested positive for covid-19. She has symptoms and therefore will be in confinement, and says that she has already informed all the people who were in contact with her so that they also take care of themselves.

VACCINES. Little by little, the subdelegate of Welfare in the north, Arturo Velázquez, has been displaying greater activity and managed to better organize the anticovid vaccination campaigns and on Saturday 7,670 second doses were applied to people between 40 and 49 years old. But nothing is certain with the change of delegate.

“Your task is to repair relations with Spain”, President Andrés López


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