Quirino, called to detonate Spanish investment in Mexico

Contrary to what viperine languages ​​proclaim (voices limited to the vulgarity of the grid), the ownership of embassies, in Mexico and throughout the world, has never been exclusive to members of the Foreign Service.

In past decades, the rank of ambassador was regularly assigned as a distinction to famous men and women for their contribution to letters: Amado Nervo, Alfonso Reyes, Octavio Paz, Rosario Castellanos, Carlos Fuentes, among others.

This, given that previously the Mexican diplomatic mission in other countries focused on cultural exchange and acts of good will to strengthen the bilateral relationship.

The same was happening in other countries, including the United States, which in 1981, to cite a famous example, sent a Hollywood movie star, John Gavin, as ambassador to Mexico because of his close artistic ties with our country.

With the rise of international trade, our embassies abound in recent decades, along with ex officio diplomats, specialists in economics, international law and political science, as well as career parliamentarians and public service professionals with experience in the field. Executive Branch: former presidents and former governors.

This, given that at the present time an ambassador attends to matters of a political, economic, financial, commercial, military, tourist and cultural nature, in addition to the properly diplomatic ones. In the pandemic, it is worth emphasizing, the Ministry of Foreign Relations, led by Marcelo Ebrard and through the ambassadors, has played a central role in the access of Mexicans to vaccines.

Quirino Ordaz Coppel’s expertise in management has not gone unnoticed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as has his political ability in resolving differences and, above all, the ease with which he has managed to attract foreign investment in the field. hotelier in the two most recent editions of the Madrid International Tourism Fair. Another branch of Spanish investment that has flourished in Mexico is banking.

Quirino is one of those politicians who do not need a diplomatic career to handle himself like a fish in water in the field of foreign relations. He is a man of the world with a wide culture, he speaks languages ​​and, above all, he is a well-intentioned person, who will work for the good of Mexico.

MAZATLÁN, DIPLOMATIC CRADLE. By the way, Carlos Velázquez reveals on his site Sinaloa that, after Genaro Estrada, there was another Mazatlan ambassador to Spain: the late PRI federal legislator and co-founder of the PRD Rodolfo González Guevara, from 1983 to 1987.

On the other hand, the former federal deputy José Luis Leyson Castro is reported to remind us that another illustrious Mazatlan, José Ángel Pescador Osuna, was consul general of Mexico in Los Angeles, California. He adds two more names to the history of Sinaloa diplomats: Carlos Flores Vizcarra, consul general in Phoenix, Arizona, and in North Carolina, where he had his son, José Luis Leyson Díaz, as vice consul.

Another fact that Carlos Velázquez rescues is that Francisco Labastida had concluded his government Administration in 1992, when he was appointed ambassador to Portugal.

Thus, Quirino will be the second governor of Sinaloa and the third Mazatlan to reach an embassy.

For now, tonight, Ordaz Coppel will give his last Cry of Independence as governor. Within a year he will give it again as ambassador, in the diplomatic headquarters of our country in Spain: an elegant and austere house located at Carrera de San Jerónimo 46, in Madrid. Long live Mexico and olé!

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