Quirino and Rocha, together in the Cry of Independence

Last night, Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel gave the last Cry of Independence during his tenure, always with a different touch, from Puro Sinaloa to the celebration in times of pandemic without the traditional mass celebration with a musical group and the harvests.

Also, as the new times dictate, in an unprecedented way the governor-elect accompanied the current state president. Rocha and Quirino send a message of inclusion and that Sinaloa should be put ahead, before the party colors. Unimaginable that in other changes of powers this happened.

In fact, Governor Quirino Ordaz ate yesterday afternoon with the governor-elect, Rubén Rocha. They were in some well-known seafood in Culiacán, attending the Secretary of Welfare, Javier May, who had a work tour in the state. In social networks they took the opportunity to upload a photograph in which the eldest son of the current president also appears.

Among those absent last night, the senator from Sinaloa stands out, Mario Zamora Gastélum, he had always been accompanying Governor Quirino Ordaz, but this time, and understanding the new times, he left the space for the elected governor. Without a doubt, a very smart and mature decision that shows the political level.
Very attentive because surely there will be more messages between the attendees and those who were not, we know that they drastically shortened the invitations, but about that we will give you more details tomorrow.

Outstanding. The Sinaloa leadership celebrated the anniversary of the National Action Party with a very formal event and with the attendance of the militants who represent the present and future of PAN in the state. The guest of honor was Carlos Castillo, lecturer and son of the former national president of the PAN in the mid-1990s.

Juan Carlos Estrada, president of the state PAN, led the ceremony and was attended by elected deputies Adolfo Beltrán and Giovanna Morachis, among another group of deep-rooted Sinaloan PAN leaders and some new generations. By the way, the national leadership will be renewed next October.

Currently, in the national leadership, the young Sinaloan Luis Ángel Guatimea assumed the position of head of the presidential office, so the PAN members of the state are well represented in the National Action CEN. Undoubtedly, it has a great future and we will continue to see it as very active as a few days ago with the incubator of legislators that it organized.

Blunder. The Culiacán City Council literally shut down the general secretary of the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE), Alfonso Cepeda Salas. We say this because they placed the ad right in his image in a spectacular in the center of the city in which he appears with the leader of section 27, Edén Inzunza.

We do not know if they committed any wrongdoing, but what is striking is that they only placed the closed stamp on the photograph of Alfonso Cepeda, while on that of the SNTE 27 leader they left it intact. In fact, it is upright to cover the entire body.

The spectacular is located on the corner between Madero Boulevard and Aquiles Serdán, in the Center of Culiacán, and the seal of closure was placed by the City Council headed by Jesús Estrada Ferreiro. In politics there are no coincidences, unless for some legal issue the image of the secretary general of the SNTE cannot appear.

Political Memory. “If we had enough will, we would almost always have enough means”: François de La Rochefoucauld.

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