Quirino and AMLO

QUIRINO AND AMLO’S TOUR. What captured the attention in AMLO’s last tour to Sinaloa, was not so much the supervision of the Pediatric Hospital or his tour of the Picachos dam, but his statement that he would invite the current governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel to join his cabinet ; The federal president, referring to Quirino, literally stated: “he has done a good job in Sinaloa, he is a professional, he is a working man, he has experience and he is going to join, he is going to join our team to continue transforming our country…”. Immediately afterwards, the laments and questions began within certain groups of Morena, who do not approve of the governor’s performance, and are in disagreement with the praiseworthy expressions with which the president refers to the local president.

However, since his first tour as acting president, López Obrador has defended Quirino from the questions made by some Morenistas or other social groups, at the beginning of 2019, in an event held outside the Government Palace, in front of boos from Morenistas, AMLO defended the president, and even, in December 2020, during his visit to San Ignacio, Sinaloa, to supervise the works of the highway to Tayoltita, Durango, the federal president expressed: “I really congratulate the people of Sinaloa for having a governor like Quirino Ordaz, a people who governs with passion, with desire, for everything in life you need desire, more for public service ”.

So the invitation for Quirino to join his cabinet, and the Government of the 4T, is not surprising, rather what was surprising was the position for which he was proposed, as ambassador of Mexico in Spain, because it was expected that According to the profile of the current president, he will be invited to the tourism or finance area, but not to the Foreign Service, which, as far as is known, requires training and a diplomatic career, as established by the Foreign Relations Law. . However, since it is subject to the ratification of the Senate, which has a majority of Morena, and because Quirino is a PRI member, it is most likely that he has the endorsement of the qualified majority that is required for his appointment, despite having no prior record. in the Mexican foreign service.

It must be said that some Morenoites, who did not agree on the incorporation of the current president into the cabinet, were pleased that the proposed position is abroad, because they say that this is how they isolate him and send him into political exile. However, the main gain of the current governor is the endorsement and support he receives from the president, who although some of the members of the National Regeneration Movement may not like, his integration into the Government of the 4T means that he will have immunity and will be shielded from any questioning and reviewing the financial and political exercise of your government. Or not?

QOC WILL REMAIN IN THE PRI. For his part, Quirino Ordaz confirms that he will continue in the PRI, that he will not change his party color, which means that President López Obrador is opening his government to other partisan brands. I had done it since his campaign, then at the beginning of his term, and now, because of what the president himself says, that he will probably invite other ex-presidents who conclude their mandate, it is expected that it will open the doors to more politicians, especially from the PRI.

This, of course, is not entirely to the liking of some morenistas. Will be?

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