Public security is the one who must take measures for a funeral wreath in the Culiacán city hall

Sinaloa.- El Secretary of Public Security must analyze andl act of the security guards from the city hall of Culiacán to allow them to leave a funeral wreath within it, noted Leobardo Gallardo Beltran.

The City Clerk commented that it is an unpleasant act that they have placed such a funeral wreath in the human resources offices. In addition to the fact that the security guards allowed said act or that they forgot not to see it and that it happened.

“The necessary measures have already been taken with the respective security guards, they spoke with their commander so that he would take the pertinent measures.”

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The Secretary General pointed out that they do not seek to cause harm in any way to the former government or to holders or administrators, for which he disapproves said act.


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