“Protecting life is not criminalizing”: Margarita Zavala explodes against the SCJN for decriminalizing abortion

Mexico.- Margaret Zavala, a PAN deputy and wife of former President Felipe Calderón, criticized the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SJCN) to declare unconstitutional the criminalization of abortion in Mexico and prevent the states protect life from conception.

On September 9, Margarita Zavala published on her Twitter account her opinion about the decriminalization of abortion in the country, accusing the Supreme Court of “mutilating” the states their power to “protect the dignity of the human being” from the moment of conception.

And it is that the declaration of unconstitutionality of the SCJN has general effects for the entire country, so that all judges have the obligation to abide by it and not bind any woman to the process for having an abortion, regardless of what is established in the criminal codes state.

“The @SCJN mutilated sovereign constitutional powers to states: among others, that of protecting the dignity of the human being in any condition and at any time,” Calderón’s wife wrote.

The PAN deputy assured that she is not asking that women be imprisoned, but that states be allowed to “protect life,” as pro-life and anti-abortion groups often argue, which Margarita Zavala does not consider a form of criminalization .

I am not asking women to go to prison.The recognition of states to protect life is not to promote criminalization, “he added.

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Zavala’s reaction joins that of other politicians and PAN militants, who fervently oppose the decriminalization of abortion, for which they have made strong criticism of the Supreme Court for its historic decision.

Last Thursday, the SCJN prevented the states from recognizing the so-called “right to life from conception,” a position often defended by PAN members, by declaring a section of Article 4 Bis A, section I, of the Constitution of Sinaloa unconstitutional. , which protected with the law “from the moment an individual is conceived.”

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Previously, in addition to declaring the unconstitutionality of criminalizing abortion, the Federal Judicial Council (CJF) approved the creation of a special group of the Public Defender’s Office to provide legal support to women imprisoned or linked to the abortion process.

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