Producer reveals Laura Bozzo’s incredible salary and calls her “ungrateful”

Mexico. While Laura Bozzo I work in Aztec Television earned an incredible salary for his performance, which the producer reveals Roberto Romagnoli, but also the flame “malagradecida”.

Romagnoli, who supported Laura Bozzo in her early days as a television host in Mexico and with whom she worked on some projects, makes public what she earned at Azteca.

Romagnoli, who worked with Bozzo at Televisión Azteca, shares in an interview with Tv y Novelas magazine that he helped her to trace her career in the media when you needed it most.

“I traced his career in Mexico from scratch and made it ashes. In Televisión Azteca, Laura got to earn one hundred thousand dollars a month (around two million pesos), ”says Roberto Romagnoli.

Laura Bozzo was in charge of the Laura de todos program, which was broadcast between 2009 and 2010 through the at that time called Azteca Trece (Azteca Uno).

But Romagnoli dismisses Bozzo as an ungrateful person, in addition he feels disappointed in how she is and his behavior as a person.

The producer remembers that he helped Bozzo a lot when he arrived in Mexico, since he was in one of the worst moments of his life, also “ruined.”

He has also expressed about Bozzo that working alongside him it was a real hell and she does not know how to be friends with anyone, only to take advantage of the people with whom she relates.

Producer Roberto Romagnoli shares that working with Laura Bozzo was hell and he doesn’t know how to be friends with anyone

Laura Bozzo is wanted by the authorities, since she has a tax debt and also because she would have tried to sell a property that she had left as collateral as payment for her tax obligations.

Bozzo has a debt of 13 million pesos before the Tax Administration Service (SAT), and he would have tried to offer an apartment as a pledge, but he would have also tried to sell said property, which is prohibited and that is why he got into serious trouble.

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The whereabouts of the famous Peruvian television host, who is also a lawyer, is unknown, and so far she has not issued any message on her social networks alluding to the problem she faces before the authorities.

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