Pro-life groups protest in Culiacán against decriminalization of abortion

Sinaloa.- “Sinaloa is Pro-Life, let’s save lives”, “respect conscientious objection” and “all life is valuable”, are some of the messages written on cardboard, canvas and banners that women, men, young people and doctors who demonstrated on Tuesday afternoon outside the facilities of the House of Legal Culture, belonging to the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation in Culiacán, which is located on José María Morelos Avenue, between Francisco Villa Street and Francisco I. Madero Boulevard in Culiacán.

When confirming that they refuse to perform this procedure on patients, because they go against their ethics, morals and religious activity, several local doctors attended the protest and they expressed that it is due respect life from conception, as established in Article 4 Bis of the Political Constitution of Sinaloa, and it is not possible for eleven ministers to make the decision to declare the action of unconstitutionality on abortion, which means taking away the right of those who have no voice and giving it to others, agreed doctors Juan Carlos Balcázar and Jesús Antonio López Navarrete.

The doctors accused the Supreme Court of carrying out judicial activism, by removing the sovereignty of the state and imposing a decision that had not been taken in Sinaloa, despite the fact that life is protected in international treaties that Mexico has signed and that the right to objection is contemplated in the Pact of Costa Rica and that in the Magna Carta is provided in article 10 bis.

They protest in Culiacán against decriminalization of abortion | Photo: Cristina Félix / Debate

“Health personnel claim the right to decide and which act should not be performed,” insisted Dr. Balcázar, after communicating that the Mexican Federation of Gynecology, which is the most important body that brings together hundreds of specialists, made public his decision to support conscientious objection and that each person decides whether to carry out the type of procedure requested for these cases.

In rule 046, he mentioned that it is allowed to have a group with conscientious objection on the issue of abortion, which also includes pediatric and plastic surgeons, who want to also perform sex change surgeries on children later.

He revealed that most of the medical and paramedical personnel “are opposed to performing the procedures,” in addition to the fact that they refuse to be forced to carry out this type of intervention and surgery on this issue.

They protest in Culiacán against decriminalization of abortion | Photo: Cristina Félix / Debate

For her part, Ana Laura Hernández, president of Vía Familia, one of the organizers of the protest, said she was in favor of the defense of human life in each of the stages of development, and expressed her disagreement with the language used by the Ministers, when referring to women as pregnant persons, do not protect life from pregnancy, interference with the sovereignty of states and refer to abortion as procedures.

While religious groups were in this protest, some making prayers and with rosaries in their hands, they asked to respect the right to life.

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Among the organizations that participated are Vía Familia AC, ProLife Army, Salva Una Vida, Somos Familia Sinaloa, National Pro Life Committee and SiEsMiHijoYoEduco, as well as Liga de la Leche Culiacán.


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