PRI Sinaloa, between Mario Zamora and Quirino Ordaz

The political “earthquake” of Senate of the Republic it reached Sinaloa, to the extent that it finished fracturing the “isms” in the state PRI. It is known that the PRI is divided into two factions, those who are in favor of Alito Moreno and those who are against, here the serious thing is that the internal fight has reached a risky point of no return.

While in the country’s capital the issue was whether Morena would get an absolute majority in the Upper House to remove the initiative from the Army, in Sinaloa the PRI was debating between those who asked Senator Mario Zamora Gastélum to vote for or against.

this time the PRI group in favor of the national leader of the PRI, Alito Moreno Curiously, he was against the initiative that his leader had voted for and supported in the Chamber of Deputies. On the other hand, the leadership of the state party and lThe local deputies asked him to go in favour, They even published a statement in support of Mario Zamora. Political stuff!

The bottom of all this “earthquake” that the “isms” of the PRI not Sinaloa is that the power struggle is concentrated between the senator Mario Zamora against the former governor and ambassador Quirino Ordaz Coppel. It is evident that the fight for the leadership of the party in the state is in full swing, and it seems that it will become more radical in the coming months.

It is important to reiterate that although the PRI movement in Sinaloa is made up of many political expressions and groups, there are currently only two sides, those represented by Senator Mario Zamora related to Alito Moreno and the other, those close to Ambassador Quirino Ordaz. There is the front fight. Quirinism against Zamorism, the latter by itself did not exist.

It must be said that in the fight for the vote in the Senate of the Republic, the aguilarista politicians distanced themselves from the display in which they supported and asked Mario Zamora to vote in favor of the initiative so that the Armed Forces remain in the streets until 2028 Somehow detaching itself from the strategy of quirinism.

The first public “between” between Ambassador Quirino Ordaz and Mario Zamora was delicate and white gloved, with the tweet in which he asked the senator to vote in favor of the Constitutional Reform, more will surely come.

Yesterday on Luis Alberto Díaz’s radio program, the president of the PRI in Sinaloa, Cinthia Valenzuela, revealed that Mario Zamora had asked her to support him and publish the first spread that came out on social networks. The PRI senator denied it and described the statement as “this crazy laugh.”

Very attentive because this is just beginning and closing ranks, betrayals and many turbulences are expected, in the end the positive thing in times of confrontation is that the real cadres come out with character and leadership, those will be the ones that stand out. It will also be known who is lying or trying to deceive.


Yesterday afternoon, Morena Senator Eduardo Ramírez, president of the Constitutional Points Commission, revealed that they had reached an agreement with the PRI caucus to promote a new opinion to extend the time of the Armed Forces in Public Security tasks.

If what the Morenoist legislator Eduardo Ramírez says materializes, the legislative alliance of Morena and the PRI would be replicated in the Senate of the Republic, as happened in the Chamber of Deputies. The next October 3 will be known.

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