Prevention against the hurricane season in Sinaloa

As all of us who live in Sinaloa know, the month of September is usually marked by the presence and scourge of tropical cyclones. And it is that the hurricane season, according to the information reported by the authorities, they forecast the formation of at least 15 cyclones in the Pacific and even though not all could reach the coasts of Sinaloa, the best thing for citizens is to take precautions necessary for in case one of these meteorological phenomena reaches the place where we live, the damages are the least possible.

We must remember that by this time, in Sinaloa we have already felt the effects of two hurricanes; Nora, who at the end of last August caused severe damage, especially to the south of the state, and Olaf, who fortunately moved away from our coasts leaving only heavy rains.

In any case, it is important that the population throughout our state continue to be aware of official information about these phenomena and that they take the necessary precautions such as:

Before a hurricane occurs, clean the roofs, drains, channels and sewers of our homes to avoid that in case of heavy rain these sites are not points where water accumulates, giving way to the possibility of it entering the houses.

It is also necessary to make a family plan and explain to all our loved ones and close ones how to act in the event of a hurricane.

Another situation that should be known before a cyclone, especially if you live in low-lying areas or areas prone to flooding, is to know where the shelters available to the authorities will be located in case it is necessary to leave your home.

Another precaution that must be taken is to locate important documents and put them in a plastic bag or airtight container to prevent them from getting wet and preferably put them in a backpack that can be hung on the back to keep your hands free.

If you have pets or livestock, it is also important to protect them as much as possible.

Already when the hurricane or the rains occur, it is very important to be informed about the trajectory and intensity and the recommendations of the authorities through official channels and media.

Monitor the water level and in case it represents a risk, the authorities recommend turning off the electrical power switch and closing the gas and water taps.

It is important that in the event of any possibility of emergency call 9-1-1 and that in the event that the authorities request that you evacuate to a shelter, do so at the time.

Unlike some other phenomena such as earthquakes, hurricanes are more predictable and the possibility of affecting the place where we live can be known for a longer time, therefore, much of what we as citizens can do to prevent damage, and more importantly, injuries and loss of human life, account at the time of a meteorological phenomenon such as those that year after year threaten the coasts of Sinaloa.

For all this it is important that we advance in developing a culture of prevention in all senses.

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