President of Cuba special guest of the parade on September 16

“Long live Mexico, long live the friendship between Cuba and Mexico,” said the Cuban president at the end of his speech. Díaz-Canel recounted the relations between the two countries throughout history.

“The decision to invite us has immeasurably greater value at a time when we suffer the ravages of a multidimensional war with an opportunistically intensified criminal blockade in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that has such dramatic costs, in particular, for the countries of less development, ”said Díaz-Canel.

“Under the fire of this total war, the solidarity of Mexico with Cuba has aroused in our people greater admiration and the deepest gratitude,” added the Caribbean president.

For its part, AMLO pointed out that Mexicans celebrate more the beginning of Independence and not its consummation, it was at that moment that he remembered the priest Miguel Hidalgo.

López Obrador reiterated his call to the United States government to lift the blockade that maintains Cuba.

He noted that Cuba deserves an award for dignity and must be declared World Heritage Site for his example of resistance.

At 11:06 in the morning the troops began to leave the main square of the capital’s Zócalo to give way to the military parade of the units.

At 11:11 am paratrooper riflemen from the Mexican Army and the Mexican Navy perform a free fall jump at 6,000 feet, from a Mi-17 helicopter over the Plaza de la Constitución.

Later elements of the Special Forces carried out an infiltration of the Zócalo plate from a Cougar helicopter.

Shortly before 11:30 in the morning, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador authorized the General of Division and Diplomate of the General Staff, Gabriel García Rincón, to start the military parade.

The contingent part of the Capital Zocalo heading to Mars Military Sports Field.

Around 11:30 am, groups of foreign delegations from France, Belize, Colombia, Morocco, the United Kingdom, Honduras, Russia, the Algerian Republic, Argentina, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Peru and Italy began their participation in the parade.

Later, the Battalion of Female Administration Troops was seen parading, as well as other groups of the Mexican Armed Forces, among them were motorized units, naval and unmanned aircraft.

It also highlighted the compound participation by two sections on foot (jungle, desert and urban) and motorized, as well as a block of amphibious operations of the army.

15,145 elements of the Mexican Army, the Navy of mexico, National Guard, Air Force and the Grouping of Charros.

598 vehicles, four units of heavy machinery, 243 horses and 205 trained dogs participated.

Also flew 100 aircraft fixed wing and rotary wing, among which aircraft of the squadron “Avispa” C-295 stand out; from the squad “Mamut” C-27J, C-130 and T-6C +; aircraft of the squadron “Orca” B-737 escorted by planes F-5.

Source: televisa news.

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