Premier League: Raheem Sterling could leave Manchester City to be transferred to Chelsea

Raheem Sterling is Chelsea’s main target in this summer of signings. Manchester City he wants between 55/60 million euros to sell it. The offer for 25 million euros plus accessories has been rejected.

The Chelsea board will be back soon with a new offer, as Manchester City are willing to let him go. Guardiola does not have him in the current squad for the next Premier League tournament.

And it is that with the arrival of Erling Haaland, the chances of being able to play for the English striker are very slim. Now the present in the future of Sterling is to be able to accept a juicy offer to leave the citizen team.

According to ‘Sky Sports’, the sports director of Manchester City, Txixi Begiristain, would have asked Pep Guardiola a list of players who can leave the team to avoid having problems with the salary cap.

This salary cap puts Manchester City on alert to clean up the team which includes the departure of Sterling to Chelsea and Gabriel de Jesus, who has a probable offer from Arsenal.

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Raheem Sterling, from Manchester City, invoices 334,814 euros every week, 1.3 million euros per month, 16 million in the year. He is the third highest paid player in the Premier. Paul Pogba, Manchester United midfielder, was a record transfer but in salary he is not top 3.

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