Predators of freedom

I am struck by the fact that the President of the Republic does not try to link up with the great leaders of the world’s democracies, but rather that he approaches, day by day, the most abominable dictators in the world who have suppressed Universal Rights in their respective countries. of Man and ignored the most elementary principles of a rule of law. AMLO does not close relationships with the heads of state who stimulate the immense advantages of the free market, who create the legal structures to stimulate the essential certainty to attract the greatest amount of capital necessary to create jobs and generate sources of wealth. No, AMLO surrounds himself with the most abhorrent tyrants in the world with unspeakable objectives.

Why is he trying to re-establish relations with Kim Jong-un, the dangerous dictator of North Korea, a notorious criminal accused of terrible outrages, a true global threat, because of his alarming nuclear arsenal. As if the above were not enough, another tyrant, Díaz-Canel, invites not to the sports parade on November 20, but to the independence day of Mexico, when this despicable subject heads a bloody dictatorship that is more than 60 years old. To create more unease in our country, Díaz Canel will address a few words from an important national rostrum, perhaps directed at our armed forces. Plus? Yes, of course: AMLO also invited Nicolás Maduro, another troglodyte who has impeded the regime of freedoms and economic development in Venezuela, once an oil and economic power in the southern hemisphere, to his inauguration.

Impossible to forget in this sinister account that AMLO also invited Vladimir Putin to the independence festivities, another tyrant who will apparently end his term in 2036. No, he will not attend, but he was summoned. Namely. This list cannot exclude López Obrador’s intention to extinguish the Organization of American States, the OAS, which, although it would require certain adjustments, should in no way be excluded from the political and diplomatic dialogue in Latin America. The great Mexican wisdom will sentence AMLO’s attitude in the following terms: Tell me who you are talking to and I will tell you who you are.

Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of a totalitarian regime that reaffirms its power through surveillance, repression, censorship and propaganda, a dictator who only allows the media to broadcast content that apologizes for the party, the army or of his own person, launches missiles of immense economic cost and of great destructive power, while the UN warns that North Korea faces the worst food crisis since the 1990s.

Díaz-Canel is the representative of the continuity of “Soviet-type totalitarianism” in Cuba, the great repressor of freedoms that has helped plunge into misery millions of Cubans who have never known the advantages of democracy and who for generations have been crushed by Castro’s boots. Díaz Canel stifled with black berets, and secret police, the voices of the Cuban people just two months ago. What do Mexicans have to learn from this Caribbean primate with a human face? Why invite him and above all, why listen to someone who arrests, arbitrarily detains, threatens indefinite imprisonment, persecutes and harasses, illegally searches homes, and confiscates and destroys journalistic material?

Is Daniel Ortega missing, who has imprisoned opposition leaders and suffocated the Nicaraguan press and democracy? AMLO is also imitating him since he began with the ignominious persecution of Ricardo Anaya.

It remains to invite to the national holidays the guide of the Iranian revolution, Ali Khamenei, the presidents of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, Alexandr Lukashenko and, of course, Haibatullah Akhundzada, leader of the Taliban movement, of the radical militia that took the capital of Afghanistan on August 15, among others …

Why not invite the great progressive leaders from around the world, those who create prosperity and promote well-being and progress in their nations? Why Predators of Freedom?

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