PRD presents initiative to prohibit bullfights and shows with animal abuse in CDMX

The vice-coordinator of the bench of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) in the Congress of Mexico City, Jorge Gaviño, presented a initiative What do they seek ban the racing from Bulls and any kind of show that involves mistreatment animal.

“Last week I presented an initiative in the CDMX Congress to reform the article 13 of the local Constitution in such a way as to specify the prohibition of the realization of shows public in which animals are subjected to acts of abuse and cruelty that derive in their death“the legislator explained in a column.

The decree proposal, the deputy explained on social media, is part of a “three-in-one package.”

“The first on guardianship of sentient beings, and the other two to prohibit the holding of shows where any animal is mistreated, punished and killed,” he detailed along with the image of the initiative’s approach.

The vice-coordinator of the PRD shared his proposal to ban bullfights

In defense of his stance against bullfighting, Gaviño argued that “bullfighting (prevails) as a public spectacle, which is openly threatening of the principles that now permeate the Constitution from Town. Unfortunately, the same occurs with the Law for the Protection of Animals of the City, being that it establishes an exception regime, in the case of bullfights, steers, calves, with which their suffering, agony, alteration of their physical integrity is allowed. , unjustified mutilation and death ”, he assured.

Changes and analysis

The initiative contemplates eliminating the possibility of holding bullfighting shows from article four of the Law for the Celebration of Shows of Mexico City.

And eliminate from numeral VIII of article four of the law, everything related to “bullfighting performers”, because if the reform is approved, they will no longer be allowed to act in the capital of the country.

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The initiative was sent to the joint committees of Local Public Administration and that of Preservation of the Environment, Climate Change and Ecological and Animal Protection.

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