Power and humility

“Humility is the shame you feel when you tell others how wonderful you are.” Laurence J. Peter

President López Obrador has prided himself on his humility several times. “I look small, but I am not self-conscious, I am a Republican,” he said in a video on August 20, 2020. “Power is humility.” He compared his humility with the extravagance of his predecessors: “These looked like kings, look at the luxuries that were given,” he said, showing the presidential plane already raffled, but not yet sold.

Some of those who have achieved positions of power under the president; however, they have other data and place their boss on Olympus and imagine him worthy of the cult that is rendered to national heroes. “Long live López Obrador!” Shouted the consul in Istanbul, Isabel Arvide, at the ceremony on September 15, after also throwing a long live Miguel Hidalgo, which provoked boos and questions from some attendees. An indignant woman blurted out that she respects López Obrador, and hopes that he will end his six-year term well, but: “Mexico is not López Obrador. He does not go with the heroes of independence.”

Arvide’s appreciation is understood. Just on January 9, 2020, he arrived at the morning press conference to ask the president for government advertising money for his website. I do not know if the austerity regime approved the chayote, but the president appointed her consul in Istanbul despite not having experience or diplomatic knowledge.

Arvide is not the only official who took advantage of this year’s screaming ceremony to worship the president. Clara Brugada, mayor of Iztapalapa, went a step further in the lambisconería and threw cheers not only to López Obrador but to Claudia Sheinbaum. The governor of Baja California, Jaime Bonilla, also asked for a live for Andrés Manuel. Layda Sansores launched one for the Fourth Transformation, although later he went to celebrate in front of the portrait of his father, former Governor Carlos Sansores Pérez, el Negro, one of the most powerful regional caciques of the 20th century, who was also the national president of the PRI.

The admiration of those close to their leader is always surprising. Irma Eréndira Sandoval, who was dismissed as secretary of the public function on June 21, 2021, affirmed on February 23, 2020 that AMLO was the “most feminist president in contemporary history.” Despite his statements of humility, the president himself has not been exempt from overvaluing himself. “I am going to show you off,” he said on July 7, 2021, “I offer my apologies, that our adversaries are not too offended. I am going to inform you about a survey that is carried out worldwide on presidents. And what do you think? from Tepetitán [su pueblo de nacimiento], you know who, is in the first place of approval. We are up with 66 percent. “In his third government report, on September 1, 2021, he boasted a series of alleged economic records that concluded with the phrase:” It is as if to say to neoliberal technocrats: ‘Have to To learn.

I prefer the president who boasts of humility. I am very concerned about the cult of personality. The rulers in any place easily lose ground and stop seeing their mistakes and the problems that affect the population. Let’s hope López Obrador discards courtly adulation and recovers that humility that he has boasted so much about.


Yesterday, while Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel was giving a speech at our national festivities, the European Parliament approved a resolution condemning his government for violently repressing Cubans. I agree with AMLO when he asks for the end of the economic embargo, which has only served to strengthen the dictatorship, but not to invite the dictator to speak to us about independence and freedom.

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