Poverty and death in the middle of failure

Always a liar, the official rhetoric basks in the easy slogan that the López Obrador government is going through “the middle of the road.”

In other words, a kind of pause that tries to explain that, despite everything, there is still half a distance to go.

However, the truth is that, instead of the “tacky” rhetoric of the “midway”, it must be recognized that we live “in the middle of failure”.


Because despite the good wishes and official good intentions, the truth is that everything in the Obrador government has been a failure, in the first 32 months of management.

Indeed, if we appeal to “hard data”, we can conclude that we are facing a scandal failure.

Do you doubt it?

Here 19 examples that confirm it.

1.- According to the 2020 Coneval report, 56.7 percent of the Mexican population lives in poverty.

But the most terrifying figure is that between 2019 and 2020, the agency estimates that between 9 and 10 million Mexicans fell into extreme poverty: “income poverty”; poor New Mexicans.

In other words, the powerful slogan of “poor first” failed.

2.- According to the Bank of Mexico, between 2019 and 2020, full-time jobs lost exceed 20 million jobs.

Of those 20 million, almost 8 million people were left in “underemployment”, which means cuts in wages or working hours.

Failure of the Government of AMLO in job creation.

3.- The dance of death due to the pandemic began in Mexico at the beginning of 2020, when the federal government calculated that it would be tragic to reach 60 thousand deaths.

Today, the official figure reaches 270 thousand lives lost, not counting the excess deaths, which add up to almost 600 thousand deaths.

Failure of the Government of AMLO to preserve health and life.

4.- The World Bank reported that resilience against covid-19 shows Mexico as the worst country in the world to live in a pandemic.

Failure and crime of State of the Government of López.

5.- According to the reputed Johns Hopkins University, 18 months after the first covid-19 patient was reported, Mexico is the first of the 20 countries most affected by the pandemic, in terms of the fatality rate.

That is, in Mexico 8 people out of every 100 infected die.

Failure of the Obrador Government in the fight against the pandemic.

6.- According to Amnesty International, Mexico continues to rank first in the death of medical personnel due to the pandemic. Doctors, nurses and health workers, in general, exceed 5,000 deaths.

AMLO fails to defend his health professionals.

7.- And to understand the scale of the horror that is experienced in Mexico, the paradox is that, for example, in countries like Australia, the number of health workers who died due to the pandemic is minimal.

Another crime of State in the eyes of the world.

8.- According to the Ministry of Health, in Mexico there is a contagion by covid-19 every 20 seconds; the largest viral spread in 100 years.

Mexico is the laughing stock of the world for the mismanagement of the pandemic.

9.- During the last 12 years -from 2006 to 2018-, López Obrador turned criminal violence into an electoral scandal to fight the Calderón and Peña governments. That is why López promised that not one more.

Today, 32 months away, the number of violent deaths is close to 100,000 Mexican deaths; three times more than in the Calderón government and twice the violent deaths than with Peña Nieto.

Monumental failure and the most violent government in history.

10.- But it is not all. During the AMLO government, more than a thousand femicides have been committed in Mexico; an average of 10 women killed a day.

Failure of scandal and disdain for Mexican women.

11.- In the Obrador government itself, an average of three girls, boys and / or adolescents are murdered a day.

Failure and terror in the protection of children.

12.- The death of children due to the lack of anticancer drugs is another international scandal. According to the WHO, what happens in Mexico is a tragedy, since almost 5,000 children have died from this cause.

Failure and crime against humanity.

13.- In turn, the Mexican Association to Help Children with Cancer reports that six children die every day from cancer in Mexico, most of them due to lack of medications; denied by the Government.

Failure and abhorrent crime of State.

14.- In campaign, Obrador promised not one more journalist assassinated. According to journalistic reports, at least 30 journalists have been murdered in Mexico – in the López government.

Failure to defend journalists.

15.- At the beginning of his term, Obrador promised to put an end to the massacres.

In three years, the number of massacres in Mexico exceeds 80 events, throughout the national territory, that is, 2.5 massacres per month.

Failure to contain violence.

16.- But this unbridled violence also appears in electoral processes. Last June’s election ended with 600 violent events surrounding the elections and the death of at least a hundred candidates for elected positions.

Democracy fails and state narco-governments are installed.

17.- According to the newspaper El País, in the first two years of the AMLO government, in Mexico a million companies of all branches died, with the consequent collapse of employment, investment and economic growth.

Death also affects companies, of all sizes and lines.

18. According to Inegi, in two years of the AMLO government, GDP fell by less than 8.5 percent, the biggest economic disaster in Mexico in 90 years.

The biggest economic failure in a century.

19. According to the Secretary of the Treasury from Obrador’s first year, the now columnist Carlos Urzúa, Mexican finances are bankrupt, as they have not been in a century.

Like that or more clear?

Indeed, with López Obrador we are witnessing the greatest failure of any government in history and, above all, the bankruptcy of the country.

At the time.

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