Pothole work begins in Guasave with hot binder material

Guasave, Sinaloa.- The director of Public Works pointed out that as of yesterday they started the application of the hot folder material in the pothole jobs in Guasave, since in the past days they were working with recycled materials.

All in order to reduce the blows to the cars, since with so much humidity it has been difficult to apply hot material, because it does not stick and it spoils, said Mauricio López Parra. He stressed that it is a program that they will try to maintain from now until the closure of their responsibility, to the extent that time allows, because the water spoils everything and it is impossible for them to continue. “It’s like throwing money into the air,” he stressed.

He also commented that the instruction is that they do not stop the work until it is finished, this to try to make the city’s roads in better condition. López Parra pointed out that yesterday they began to solve the potholes that were found in Mexico 15 and that they were already becoming dangerous.

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He stressed that the idea is to give priority to the accesses to the city, the sides and below the bridge that is in a recognized hamburger business, because that part is in very bad condition. “Right now it is important to improve access to the city,” said the official.


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