Popocatepetl Volcano: They activate phase 2 yellow alert, ask not to approach

Mexico.- The Scientific Advisory Committee of the National Civil Protection System held a meeting to assess the behaviors of the Popocatepetl volcano, since there has been an increase in its activity which is manifested, for the most part, as explosions.

So far there is no evidence of the formation of a dome inside the crater, however its activity does not exceed what was observed during the months of February and March 2019.

Based on the visual, seismic, deformation and gas monitoring parameters of the Popocatepetl volcano It is concluded that in the short term an activity similar to that observed in recent weeks can be expected.

The possibility of low intensity explosions, ash emissions and the launching of incandescent fragments within the exclusion radius of 12 kilometers is not ruled out.

Therefore, the population is asked to respect the safety radius of 12 kilometers, as well as not to approach the neighboring ravines since there may be mud and debris flows, so the traffic light is maintained. Volcania Alert at Yellow Level Phase 2, for which the population has been asked to follow the following recommendations:

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  • Cover nose and mouth with a dry handkerchief or mask
  • Clean eyes and throat with pure water
  • Wear frame lenses and avoid contact lenses to reduce eye irritation
  • Close windows or cover them and stay indoors as much as possible
  • Avoid ash accumulation on roofs and patios
  • Cover water containers to avoid contamination


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