Players from Tomateros de Culiacán extend their championship streak, now with Toros de Tijuana

The season of the Mexican Baseball League ended with some Tijuana Bulls who did the feat of getting up from a 0-3 to finish as absolute champions of the summer circuit. In this group there are players who see action in the winter with the Tomateros de Culiacán and who extended their championship streak, taking into account both leagues.

They are: Efrén Navarro, José Guadalupe Chávez and Gerardo Sánchez. For his part, Oliver Pérez was not present in the last two cherries championships, but it must be emphasized that it was a good return to the LMB after his time in the Major Leagues.

Gerardo Sánchez. Photo: Courtesy

The most prominent of all was infielder Efrén Navarro, who finished as the Most Valuable Player of the Final Series. Navarro saw action in all the games of the fight for the title, where he had the opportunity to drive eight runs, irrigate the same number of hits, one of them for the street. Finally, the first baseman hit .308.

The game where the native of California stood out the most, was in the sixth, where he towed six lines of the ten that the border set made. “I have no words, we were united through thick and thin and it showed. They were very important games. I want to congratulate Lions of Yucatán for coming here, ”Navarro said after being recognized as the MVP.

For his part, José Guadalupe Chávez did not get to see action in the final series, however, during the postseason stages, he also contributed his two cents to the cause. The Sonoran player has been part of the two LMB titles that the Bulls have in their history, in addition to being able to boast three zone championships.

In the field of pitching, Oliver Pérez demonstrated his category and delivered 4.0 innings of a pair of earned runs, four hits and a pair of strikeouts, sometimes getting the Tijuanans out of trouble. Pérez reported with Toros when the season was already underway and in 24.0 innings he pitched he compiled a 2.63 ERA.

Efrén Navarro was the most valuable in the final. Photo: Courtesy.

For his part, Gerardo Sánchez accumulated two chapters on the mound, where he went blank, tolerating just one indisputable, managing to fan two enemies. Like Guadalupe Chávez, Gerardo Sánchez has been part of all the Toros championships in his return to the Mexican Baseball League.

Special mention for the Guamuchilense, David Gutiérrez, who obtained the runner-up with the Lions of Yucatán. The right-hander pitched 3.1 innings, compiling a 0.00 ERA, a hold, three strikeouts, a pair of walks and four hits, leaving good numbers when the felines needed him.

José Guadalupe Chávez. Photo: Courtesy.

In addition to Chango 0-Te and Jorge Niebla, who serve as the official mascot and voice of the Los Toros stadium, respectively.


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